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Cancer Recovery Must Know…

The Missing Piece in Your Cancer Puzzle As a mind-body cancer specialist, clients often ask me for an opinion on modern medicine, should they undergo the conventional route of treatment or not? In asking this question some merely wish for a confirmation of their set world view but some are actually curious. My answer is […]

What Your Oncologist Will Not Talk About?

The Aftermath of Cancer Diagnosis The mental and emotional aftermath of a cancer diagnosis can further burden the functioning of our immune system and thus our ability to heal and recover. Though more and more oncologists recognize the benefits of offering mental and emotional support, they still fall short of offering their patients the much […]

What You Talk About Matters to Your Well-Being

Based on a new research, substantive dialogue may help increase your state of well-being, but emotional exchanges likely don’t. In Megan L. Robbins new research which she published at the journal Psycho-Oncology, she examine how patients dialog and conversations impact their experience. Below please find the quoted article by By J.D. Warren of www.ucr.edu “They found that everyday, meaningful dialogue unrelated to […]