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Online Support and Classes for Cancer Patients

In a group discussion held at the end of my recent “Advancing Cancer Recovery” workshop, one topic in particular was on participants mind. It was the sense of isolation many cancer patients feel and the need for more effective ways to break that invisible barrier. I found this notion intriguing because, especially in the Boston […]

Facing the Holidays with a Heavy Heart

With the holiday season upon us, I wanted to share with you the empowering message of Jodi Aldrich. Joni is a devoted advocate, author, speaker and radio supporting both patients and their loved ones. Her words are printed here with her permission. Five Ways to Show You Care During a Darker Christmas Season The holidays […]

Surgery Preparation Secrets Your Surgeon will Never Share with You

Any surgical intervention, even a minor one, can be a trying life event. The very thought of going under the knife and surrendering control has the power to provoke a wide range of challenging mental and emotional responses. While severity changes from one person to another, it is common for patients scheduled to undergo surgery […]