This is an Online Group Program.

Designed SPECIFICALLY for those affected by cancer who wish to play a more active role in their healing and recovery.

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Whether you have just been diagnosed and wish to lessen fear and anxiety, whether you are in treatment and wish to find relief from treatment side-effects or you are a survivor who wish to deal with fear of recurrence and maintain a high quality of life, I am confident you can benefit from what this program has to offer in much the same so many have over the past 15 years of my practice.

cancer wellness mastery workbook

Included audio-programs:

  1. Overcome the Shock of Cancer Diagnosis – The Essential First Step to Recovery
  2. Total Body Relaxation – Find Comfort While Healing from Illness
  3. The Healing Power of Your Mind – Your First Line of Defense Against Cancer
  4. Successful Chemotherapy – Maximize Effectiveness, Minimize Side-Effects
  5. Successful Surgery – Prepare and Healing with Minimal Side-Effects
  6. Successful Sleep – Deep and Healing Restful Sleep for Recovery

Anyone can learn how to quiet their mind and replenish their body in a way that support comfort and promote healing.

Your doctor may not have told you about this approach because, most commonly, the evidence of the effects of mental state on cancer was not part of their education. Having said that, we did come a long way and many medical institutions nowadays promote mind-body practices as part of their services.

Meet Your Cancer Coach Avinoam Lerner

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My name is Avinoam Lerner and I am a Cancer Recovery Specialist, TEDx speaker and author of The New Cancer Paradigm. I come alongside individuals impacted by cancer to help them cope with, and overcome the many challenges embedded in the cancer journey. Some of these challenges are physical as in immune enhancement, adverse side-effects, fatigue etc. others are emotional, even existential.

You Don’t Have To Go At It Alone

Most patients who want more wellness make HUGE mistakes like:

  • They fail to set clear boundaries with loved ones.
  • They work in isolation and lack community.
  • They allow the media and online research to impact their experience.
  • They let harmful painful patterns (fear, helplessness, shame, etc.) be in the driver seat.
  • They improvise their way through treatment without knowledge.
  • They have unclear or unrealistic goals to achieve desired outcome and lifestyle.

Instead you’ll get a step-by-step strategy for successful living!

I’ll give you the exact tools and techniques you need to get your mind and body on board. You’ll leave this program with a road-map for a better quality of life you can immediately put to work.

  • Develop the skills, focus and discipline to successfully cope with the many challenges embedded in the cancer journey.
  • Work in a supportive community of like minded people who face the same challenges as you, all from the comfort of your home.
  • Become more resilient and cultivate a mindset conducive to optimal treatment outcome.


“Working with Avinoam has been a highlight of my cancer treatment while in the Boston area. His powerful support and healing method provided me the strength I needed to take on the physical and mental challenges of my cancer. ”

Jennie S. Breast Cancer

“Avinoam helped me address this one major piece in the healing puzzle, ME. I was amazed by how much fear and pain I was holding on to and how empowered I felt when I let it all go. Working with him was both meaningful and transformative.”

Jennifer M, Ovarian Cancer

“Receiving a prostate cancer diagnosis was one of the scariest experiences of my life. Both my health and my identity as a man was threatened. Avinoam was instrumental in helping me come out of this dark period of my life.”

Danny C. Prostate Cancer

The powerful components of Cancer Wellness Mastery you’ll receive in these 6 weeks include:

• 6 information-packed live-video group mentoring calls with Q & A time.
• Detailed step-by-step workbook to move past challenges that stand in the way of progress.
• Exclusive access to the Cancer Wellness Mastery private Group forum to receive support and positive feedback.

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Cancer Recovery Program

P.S. – As you read these first lines you may feel excited about this program or you may feel nervous and skeptical. Both are perfectly natural. Whether you have already tried different therapies and an assortment of remedies or this is your first attempt at self-care, I invite you to keep an open mind. You have everything to gain by participating in this program and nothing to lose.