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The Wellness Blueprint

cancer wellnessWith the onset of illness, emphasis is often placed on treating the physical and biological. This makes perfect sense because that’s where the crisis is most visible; however, there is an inner crisis, an invisible one, that is worthy of attention as well. This inner crisis, I understand from my clients is the most scarring one.

So, what can you do to address this inner crisis while your medical team does everything in their power to heal your body? How can you reach that place inside of you that scalpel can not possibly cut deep enough to reach, nor can any amount of chemotherapy or radiation penetrate in order to promote true health and lasting healing?

While there is more than one way to scale this mountain, I wish to highlight the road less traveled as the road that leads you to the inner realm of your mind.

It’s Not Therapy

There are only a few medical facilities within our great nation that as a standard of care give attention to the individual patient’s emotional and mental state throughout their course of therapy. While this represents a step in the right direction, this type of therapy engages (primarily) the part of our mind called the Conscious mind, and therefore, can not, by design, penetrate the realm of the Subconscious mind where the fortress of the authentic-self resides. The end result is that patients continue to feel unchanged or untouched from within; therefore fear, worry and self-blame continues to plague them long after treatment has ended.

The road to wellness this post highlights does not cross paths with the Law of Attraction or any other associated metaphysical system. The success of these methods is so hard to measure that it often backfires. Without the ability to measure our progress, we risk feeling even more helpless, inadequate, punished, and less worthy of healing.

So, how do we reach this inner realm of the mind? The answer is so simple you might miss it. We utilize our mind’s ability to “see” in a constructive way, then burn this “vision” into every nerve and fiber in our body. We use our creative ability to form detailed mental images in our mind’s eye and through practice and disciplined repetition plant these images like we would a seed in the fertile ground of our mind, more accurately, the all-powerful part of our mind called the Subconscious mind.

This becomes our road map or blueprint for wellness.

The All Powerful Mind

Before we delve into the “how”, let’s first examine the “why”.

Why is the Subconscious Mind so important for healing and health?

The first thing to know is that our mind is not our brain. The terms “mind” and “brain” are often used interchangeably; however, they each carry different connotations. The “brain” is the tangible and physical organ within the skull. The “mind” is the intangible, or non-physical, part of our being. It encompasses qualities such as “thought,” “creativity,” and “emotion.” Medicine treats the mind and the brain as two sides of the same coin. More contemporary schools see the mind and the brain as architect and contractor. The mind creates the plans, and the brain uses those plans to coordinate mental and physical activity.

The mind itself has two distinct components: the Conscious mind and the Subconscious mind. The Subconscious mind is sometimes called the Unconscious mind in traditional practices. Sigmund Freud compared the whole mind to an iceberg, with the conscious and analytical mind representing the part of the iceberg above the water. The vast part of the mind, the Subconscious mind, however, exists beneath the surface. The Subconscious mind is beyond the reach of conscious thought.

The Subconscious mind is our emotional center, the storehouse of our memories, perceptions, and beliefs. As a result, it is able to exert great influence over our experiences. More importantly, it can exert great influence over one’s cancer recovery. The Subconscious mind is the part of our mind that regulates many of our bodily functions, including immune function. This means that if we perceive ourselves as not worthy of recovery, and if we believe we do not have the inner resources to cope and recover, we will have a harder time truly healing.

The Subconscious mind is important for health and healing because it has the power to turn the invisible into visible. It governs many of our bodily functions. Thus, it has the ability to either inhibit or enhance immune function, diminish or increase our resiliency, and foster or impede our ability to fight and recover from cancer.

Weaving New Thoughts

So, by what means or mechanism, can we harness this amazing ability of our mind to influence the body? Well, if you are like any of my clients, you have utilized this mechanism many times before. I know that for sure because the most common use of this mechanism is worry! Yes, worry. When we worry we utilize this creative ability to explore possible future outcomes. Thankfully, each time we begin to form a new action plan for our mind to follow, we do not stick with these plans for too long. This is why these worry-thoughts and images do not materialize. This, however, does not mean the mechanism isn’t effective, it certainly is.

So, let’s try this, instead of sending worry-thoughts through this mental machine of yours, take a moment (10 to 15 seconds at the most) to see yourself in your mind’s eye already healthy, recovered, well and happy. Place the emphasis on seeing your desired outcome of health and healing.

There is NO way you can do this wrong or fail. If 15 seconds of visualization is too long of a time, make it 5 seconds. If visualization does not come easy to you, write things down on a piece of paper. Write something like “in ___ months from now I will feel…”. Describe in as many details as you can how you want to feel both physically and emotionally. Once you have that down, write it again and again in PRESENT TENSE as if it already happened.

Now, please note that simply holding the image of your desired outcome in your mind once or twice is NOT going to help you at all. In fact, minuscule practice may backfire and serve as a “proof” of failure, suggesting you are not worthy of healing and recovery. You need to work on it and rehearse your image and outcome again and again in much the same way athletes rehearse for their performance. Run this image few times a day until it feels just right. Burn it into your memory and nerves because only then will your Subconscious mind accept it and act upon it.

When it feels effortless, spend more time rehearsing, add more details, and make use of all of your senses. Immerse yourself in this new reality of yours until you own it. For example, how strong and agile will you feel in your body three month from now? What it would feel like to be back where you want to be? Doing all the things you want to do?

Do it Your Way

Finally, there are many protocols or names on the internet for harnessing the power of your mind for improvement. Most, however, do not work to affect change directly within the Subconscious Mind.

Self-Hypnosis is one protocol which is easy to learn and apply, especially when you are physically less active or bedridden. Want to learn more about Self-Hypnosis? Need help applying this method? Send us a note and we’ll be happy to share with you a short guide for home practice of self-hypnosis.

For further information call 617-564-0707 or write me at

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What is the Sound Of Your Mind?

cancer mind healing recoveryA state of health is often associated with a state of inner balance or harmony where all the different systems that make up who we are (physical and nonphysical) are working properly, in perfect synergy. As such, illness is associated with lack of balance and a state of disharmony.

This is truth. However, this idea can be somewhat misleading. It can even backfire if misunderstood.

Recently, a client told me, “Life is never just black and white. Therefore, my illness cannot be solely caused by a lack of inner balance, or the state of inner disharmony.”

Her words were in response to a chapter in my book called, The New Cancer Paradigm. In the book, I compared the brain to an orchestra and beliefs, perceptions, emotions, and attitudes to musical instruments in that orchestra. I invited the reader to imagine each instrument had its own sound and vibration. I then asked the following question, “If you could listen to the soundtrack of your mind—all of those beliefs, emotions, perceptions, and attitudes—what would it sound like? Would your orchestra sound harmonious or discordant?”

Guilty as Charged

Let’s start from the beginning, and set the record straight. My client was right.

In an attempt to explain the relationship between what goes on in our mind and our physical experiences, I have oversimplified the concept. I’ve implied there’s simple causation between the realm of the mind and the realm of the body. My client was right because there’s nothing simple about this intimate relationship. There’s more to illness than a state of inner disharmony, and there’s more to health than positive beliefs and mental attitudes.

However, it is important for us to acknowledge what is going on in our minds. We must take responsibility for our state of mind. Oversimplified or not, our mindset does intervene with and influence the body’s internal environment.

If physical symptoms are indeed the tangible evidence of what’s really going on in our mind, and I believe they are, then when illness is present, our inner orchestra cannot be in harmony. Harmful beliefs, erroneous perceptions, unresolved emotional turmoil, and trauma generate discordant vibrations which flow through our body. This disrupts and inhibits the function of several biological symptoms, weakening the body’s ability to defend itself. Thus, we become ill. Now, and this is important, even though we’re not aware of what we’re doing, we unintentionally “think” ourselves into a state of illness.

There are many factors that influence our biology and our state of health. Our Mind is just one factor. However, it is a very important factor, because for the most part we can exercise control over our Minds. We can choose where we focus our attention. We can change the way we think and what we believe.

This is good news. It opens up a powerful possibility. If we can “think” our way into illness, it should be possible to “think” ourselves back into health.

The power to change how we think and what we believe.

When I assert these things I do not suggest self-blame in any way. If that thought crossed your mind please know it is utterly inaccurate. Even more so, it is unfair and unkind to blame yourself for something you were not aware of.

The way we think and what we now believe are not our fault. As kids, we had little or no control over what to believe or think when we were young. However, if we do nothing to change how we think and what we believe now and today, then we are the only one at fault.

The idea is not to serve up blame. The idea is to convey we have the power to change how we think and what we believe, and, by so doing, can reverse the undesired effect the Mind has done to the body.

During our formative years, our minds functioned as receivers. Everything we perceived through our five senses and learned from the people around us helped shape an understanding of who we are, and how we fit into the world.

But now we are adults. Adults experiencing a health crisis. And as such, we have an opportunity to revisit and examine the validity and accuracy of these original ideas, these “truths.” We can redefine them, or come to new decisions about what they really meant.

“The way to health is founded on the law of vibration, which is the basis of all science, and this law is brought into operation by the Mind, the ‘world within’. It is a matter of individual effort and practice. Our world of power is within. If we are wise, we shall not waste time and effort in trying to deal with effects as we find them in the ‘world without’, which is only external, a reflection.” (Charles F. Hannel).

So why am I telling you all this?

It’s simple. I want you to know there is a great deal you can do to facilitate your healing. True, you never wished to be here, or to go through this thing called Cancer. But if healing and recovery are your priorities now, reach out and find the time to tune this symphony within.

There are not many guarantees in life but you are guaranteed to have both your mind and your body for the whole duration of your life. How much of your time and energy is dedicated to care for those each day?

Want to do more but not sure where to start? Send me a message. I’ll eagerly point you toward your next best step forward. I’m ready for your questions…send them on!

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Integrative Mind Body Medicine and Cancer Recovery

If you happened to miss my recent discussion with Dr. Belanger on his radio show “Cancer Concepts and Complement” you can do so below; or use the link at the bottom of this page to visit his show’s web page on

“We know conventional medicine is not enough because the cancer comes back too often.”
Avinoam Lerner

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Lerner is an integrative Medicine practitioner and a Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in cancer care. His innovative approach to cancer recovery highlights the multidimensional nature of illness and the need to treat not only the body but also the Mind. Failing to do so; he argues, mean separating the person from the illness and thus failing to treat the root cause of illness. This result all too often, in cancer resurfacing in secondary medical condition.

Tune in and learn about the role of the Subconscious Mind in sickness and health and how you can engage your own Mind to improve your quality of life, resiliency and the rate of recovery.

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