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If you’ve gone through any sort of crisis it is likely someone mentioned to you the power of positive thinking. I often wonder whether it’s our nature as humans to believe that we have this kind of power and that simply by thinking in a certain way, a more positive way, the cancer will magically disappear.

If you read any of my previous letters you know it’s not how it works.

Positive thinking, along with goals, extraordinary care of both your body and mind, in addition to having a good team of doctors and support groups around you, is the realistic path to desired outcome and strong quality of life.

When someone is confronted with a cancer diagnosis, it usually evokes fear, anxiety, confusion, anger, remorse and resentment. However, it also evokes immediate appreciation for life far greater than ever before. Things get put into perspective. The tangible usually no longer has as much significance as the intangibles (i.e. the Gucci belt no longer means as much as the love and care we experience from loved ones).

As the protocol begins and continues, it’s an opportunity for growth that allow the patient to soar to new heights on many levels.

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