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How to Integrate Hypnosis for Cancer into Your Medical Cancer Treatment

Hypnosis for cancer offers patients many benefits, benefits that include more than just symptom relief from treatment. This is why more and more people choose to integrate hypnosis into their treatment plan. Holistic cancer treatment

There is more to cancer treatment than what the doctor can see, touch or remove. While your medical team support and help your body heal; it is just as important to help you and your Mind heal. Cancer is a battle fought on many fronts, the physical dimension is the most familiar one but illness has a mental dimension and even a spiritual one. If you are with cancer or know someone with cancer you know that stress, anxiety, fear and helplessness are common.

This is where hypnosis comes into the picture, it provide relief on the mental, emotional and spiritual front. Hypnosis as utilized in Immersive Healing can be practiced in conjunction with your medical treatment. It will lessen anticipatory anxiety, fear of outcome and even condition your mind to better utilize the medicine you receive.

By conditioning the mind and establishing a healthy attitude toward medical treatment you increase your odds for recovery. Furthermore, you reduce the severity of treatment side effects and in doing so you enhance your quality of life.

Find a hypnotherapist in your local community, one who has experience with cancer. Schedule a session with him or her a day or two before your scheduled medical treatment. This is the best way to Integrate Immersive Healing and, in particular, hypnosis into your established medical cancer treatment.

If you can’t find a local hypnotherapist or simply do not feel the connection with him or her find someone online. Although this will not be my first choice, some work can be done online via Skype for example. You can always contact me for more information, I am happy to help in any way.

Working with hypnosis, you will prepare your mind and also your body (remember the body follows the mind when it comes to healing) for that treatment; this allows your mind and body to accept the healing that the particular treatment has to offer, which, in turn, can make that treatment more effective.

In summary hypnosis can help you attain the best possible frame of mind with which you can meet the many challenges of treatment with ease; it can help you feel more grounded, more centered and much less worried about any treatment you may need. All in all you will feel more ready for that treatment, mentally and physically. If you feel ready for your treatment and can approach it with a calm state of mind, the chances are that the treatment will be able to work its particular type of healing more effectively.

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Top Pros & Cons for Alternative Cancer Treatments

More and more cancer patients supplement their medical treatment with Complimentary Alternative Cancer treatments. This is a growing trend and if you act responsibly a very blessed one.
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The purpose of this blog post is to shed light on Immersive Healing. The more insight into the working of IH and the more aware you are of the benefit it offers the more likely you are to integrate it into your medical treatment plan.

Immersive Healing Pros

1. Immersive healing (IH) is a safe, effective and non-invasive therapeutic intervention designed to identify and heal the subconscious mental patterns that influenced and produced the conditions within the body that facilitated the growth of cancer. This is the vital, first step towards healing.
2. Immersive healing is holistic, meaning that it is drugless, non-invasive and painless. There is no need for recovery time, no painful side effects to the treatment, no worries about becoming dependent on medication and no need to stay in hospital or take large amounts of time out from your regular schedule.

3. Immersive healing is empowering because you, yourself, become an active rather than passive, part of the healing process. It gives you back a sense of control over the treatment you may need and over the cancer itself. It helps you to feel that you are involved.

4. Immersive healing allows you to address negative emotional states of mind that may have been with you, either consciously or subconsciously, for a long period of time – maybe throughout most of your life. It can help to remove the burden caused by these harmful emotions which aggravate your internal mental and physical environment. In doing so IH helps preventing the reoccurrence of illness.

Immersive Healing Cons

1. Hypnosis, which is the therapeutic vehicle of Immersive Healing, has negative connotations for many people. This is because hypnosis is a much-misunderstood form of treatment. The kind of hypnosis seen on television or stage shows has nothing to do with the kind of hypnosis utilized in Immersive Healing. These misconceptions about hypnosis may prevent some people from seeking the type of help that Immersive Healing offers and enjoy its benefits.

2. Quite simply, although hopefully this is something that is set to change, not many people know about Immersive Healing as an effective, therapeutic form of healing for cancer. We know that there is more to cancer than what the doctors can see, touch, remove or burn. Therefore, it stands to reason that cancer is something we need to treat from every possible angle.

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Can Our Mood Affect Our Cancer

Mood and CancerOne of the first things I do when I meet a potential client is assess their point of view and their outlook on life. I listen to the way in which they speak, I am looking for indications that can tell me something about that person’s attitude, mainly if they still have hope or whether their will to live has diminished.

Finding these things out, I believe, is very important. This is because the way in which we view the world – our outlook on life – affects not only our health but also our ability to heal. If we have a generally negative attitude towards life, we may be more susceptible to becoming ill in the first place and our ability to bounce back from illness, to heal, recover and thrive, may also be impaired.

When we talk about a person’s outlook on life we really are looking at the concept of the glass half full or the glass half empty – the whole doughnut or just the hole. There are numerous studies that validate the theory that our emotions can play a part in our health. When we talk about illness versus health, we may also be talking about pessimism versus optimism – and how these two emotions can affect, for better or for worse, the course of cancer.

According to studies, the bottom line is that optimists do seem to live both longer and better lives when compared to pessimists. Optimists also cope much better with any medical treatment they may need, with the side effects of the treatment and overall they heal faster.

What we learn from these studies is that in order to enhance our immune system and become more resilient we need to develop a positive mental attitude.

But what exactly is a positive mental attitude? Is it simply a matter of thinking more positively more often? Or is there more to it? You may be wondering how easy it really is to ‘switch on’ a positive mental attitude if you have recently been diagnosed with cancer…the answer is it can be done but it’s not as easy as many guru’s are making it seem.

The truth is that the whole concept of ‘positive mental attitude’ is much more complex than forcing yourself to think more positively and it is important to understand that it’s a concept that can backfire. Of course, it is impractical for most people to suddenly force themselves to think positively, never mind sustain that feeling, especially when they are facing a life-threatening health condition. After all, what is more precious than our health?

We need to consider the concept of positive thinking more carefully. Our outlook and attitudes are functions of what is known as the conditioning process – this is the lifelong learning process where we learn about ourselves, the world around us and how we function in that world.

Much of what we think has been gathered via this conditioning process, so if you have a negative outlook and you feel that you want to blame yourself for not being ‘more positive’, please stop the blame right now. It is entirely unrealistic to expect that you can change thought patterns that you may have held for years overnight, or that you can erase your past at the click of your fingers. Of course, it cannot be that simple.

You can, however, change your perspective and your perception of the past, but this is something that takes time and that you will need support and help with. Hypnotherapy is, I believe, the perfect modality for helping us to do this. With the right professional help, you can change your mental conditioning. You can learn how to develop a more positive outlook on life that will be both productive in terms of influencing your health for the better as well as being sustainable. This is because in hypnotherapy we work in the realm of the subconscious mind, rather that the conscious part of the mind that in general psychotherapy engages.

Remember, you do not have to be a saint to overcome illness, but you do have to be prepared to take action and become proactive in your own healing.

Please share with us what worked for you or what is working for you?