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Increase Your Resiliance to Fight Cancer with Hypnosis for Cancer

If you read any of my previous blog posts you already know my view on illness – we cannot truly heal the body without also healing the Mind. Even more so, by healing the Mind we increase the effectiveness of medical treatment.
cancer alternative treatmentIn saying that we must also heal the Mind I am not saying there are no organic factors in illness such as toxic environment, carcinogenic agents etc, of course there are. Still not everyone exposed to them end up with cancer. Something else is factoring our vulnerability to attacks on our health both from within as much as without and that is our Mind.

This is no breaking news, after all the scientific community acknowledges the Mind play a role in illness and health. The scientific study of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) validated these finds back in the 70’s. In the simplest of terms, PNI relates to the study of how the mind interacts with the body’s nervous system and how this, in turn, affects the function of the immune system.

The debate as it seems is no longer whether the Mind plays a role in illness but rather whether it plays a big enough role that it can promote the healing of illness.

Much of the focus of PNI has been on the subject of stress, but the term ‘stress’ can be misleading – ‘stress’ is such a huge area and means so much more than feeling overwhelmed because we have too much to do. Stress in the context of PNI refer to a range of states of mind that many people experience, such as fear, guilt, anger and shame. These states of mind, when experienced consciously or subconsciously, for an ongoing period of time may be harmful to our health if we do not address them properly.

In terms of the body’s immune system, PNI has found that these negative states of mind can be toxic – they can weigh heavily on the immune system and disrupt the optimum function of this powerful, inbuilt healing mechanism. This is what Immersive Healing which utilizes hypnosis as its therapeutic vehicle is designed to remedy.

The hypnotic protocol of Regression to Cause hypnosis is the heart of Immersive Healing. It allows us to identify the root cause of these harmful states of mind; what’s more, it allows us to address and to heal these states of mind. In doing so, we are able to revive the immune system. Reviving and strengthening the body’s defenses we increase its ability to heal itself, which can help you to improve your ability to fight cancer.

The healing of the Mind as facilitated by Immersive Healing will improve your odds for recovery. It will fortify your immune system, lessen the impact of treatment side effects and improve your quality of your life. Furthermore, it will help you cultivates hope and strengthens your will to live. These elements are vital when it comes to your ability to recover.

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Too Much of Online Cancer Research May Hurt Your Recovery

The internet has given us the freedom to access information that was previously more difficult to find. This is, in many cases, a good thing, for example it’s now easier than ever to research different medical facilities, doctors, services or any valuable topic without the need to travel all the way to the book store or library.

Healing CancerHowever, free access to the jungle of information out there isn’t always a good thing – especially in relation to our health and, specifically, when it comes to finding information about cancer, statistics, procedures etc.

The main problem with internet research is that there is just SO much information, so many different opinions, ideas and theories to take on board. It is easy for a person, who already may not be feeling well to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of available information. And, perhaps more importantly, it can be difficult to validate the information you read on the internet; the internet is not regulated so just about anybody can write just about anything they want to and when it comes to our health, this can be extremely stressful, draining and taxing.

If you have ever tried to research a subject thoroughly using the internet, you will be only too aware of how this ‘information overload’ can become overwhelming. And when we feel overwhelmed by information, we may end up giving up on it all, as it all seems too complicated, confusing and contrasting to absorb. This can lead to feelings of frustration, anger, helplessness and hopelessness – emotions that are counterproductive when trying to heal as they can have a detrimental effect on the body’s immune system.

Furthermore, reading extensively on the subject of cancer can bread more fear, and fear is debilitating. In the grip of fear, we may become paralyzed by it and unable to take action.

It is also important to bear in mind that much of what you read online is anecdotal. If you associate too closely with someone else’s experience you may prevent your ‘own’ experience from unfolding. We are all unique, and you cannot compare your physical and emotional health with the health of another person – your experiences are not their experiences.

Perhaps the most convincing and compelling reason is, we become what we think about. The more you read about illness the more you think about it. The more you think about it the more you associate with it. The more you associate with it the more you identify with it. The more you identify with it the more it take roots in your experience. First in Mind, then in Body.

The above statement is only my opinion and you may feel differently. Even so, be cautious, limit the amount of internet research you do and limit the amount of thoughts you give the matter. Remedy your mind with thoughts of health… formulate a concept of yourself healthy and project it onto the screen of your mind’s eye as often as you can. This will work along the same path as before i.e. you will first formulate health in your Mind, then in your Body.