Hypnosis for Cancer now days offer cancer patients much more than just alternatives to cancer treatment. Guided imagery for cancer can increase the effectiveness of fighting cancer

Hypnosis for cancer, as prescribed in Immersive Healing can increase the effectiveness of cancer medical treatment. It does so in the following ways.


First, it help alleviating the harsh side effects of medical treatment and in doing so allow patients to follow through on their treatment plan.

Secondly, it can revive and strengthen the immune system, thus supporting the healing natural ability of the body.

Third, it can help address and resolve the psychological or mental states of mind such as hopelessness and helplessness suppressing the immune system and inhibiting the work of medicine.

If you are with illness and wish to play an active role in your own healing , healing the Mind provides the path to healing your body. A path and direction that mobilizes self-healing resources so your body can respond more effectively to your doctor’s cancer treatment.

Immersive Healing focuses on the most overlooked location and aspect of the development of illness, the powerful Subconscious Mind. Healing the non-physical aspects of cancer means healing the deep-seated Mind Patterns that influenced the development of the illness in the first place. This allows the body’s innate healing mechanisms to restore a state of health.

Researchers continue to explore and develop new treatments and therapies in an attempt to eliminate all cancers. Leading cancer research facilities worldwide continue to promote medical breakthroughs that revolutionize the treatment of cancer around the globe, but an end to the cancer epidemic is not in sight.


Nothing is Really Healed Until the Mind is Healed.

Healing takes place when the Subconscious patterns and stressors suppressing the body’s defense systems are identified, resolved and healed. The Subconscious Mind is more powerful than you can ever imagine. It can heal the illness as well as be the source of illness!


I want to be very clear about this, Subconscious Programming is not our fault!

People around us, their words, comments, suggestion, unique circumstances and events that we had no control over, have programmed us from the time of our birth.

Events do not have meaning. Events only have meaning when we assign meaning to them. We assigned meaning to life events in an attempt to make sense of the world we live in so we can survive and function.

Our responsibility and only measure of control is in our ability to identify (as adults) the faulty parts in our subconscious programming (i.e., distorted perceptions and self-limiting beliefs) that constitutes the Subconscious cry for self-mutilation or self-destruction and choose to rewrite the program.

Doing so, we increase our odds for full recovery from cancer.


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