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A very very powerful modality that has shifted the ground under me. Avinoam is committed and devoted to helping you in finding healing for your own past and traumas so that you can become the most empowered and authentic self you can be. Having tried many modalities, this has by far been the most life-altering work I’ve experienced, with Avinoam’s expert care and guidance.

I enrolled in the Mindful Remission program with Avinoam on receiving the news I had ovarian cancer. I was feeling confused, lost, and frightened over what was what happening to me, and I immediately found relief with Avinoam. Avinoam has been my biggest advocate & teacher throughout my active treatment, introducing me to an arsenal of techniques to enable me to pass through tests, surgery, and my up-and-coming chemotherapy.

Avinoam has a special gift. He is able to be honest in a way that’s comforting and helpful to me. He is very compassionate. I have done other programs before, but nothing like this. I feel he is untangling all the loose ends in my life that have prevented me from true healing and probably caused illness in my body. I’m very grateful to have found someone who is helping me. I have had cancer twice, and now I feel like there’s someone walking with me, helping me to find myself and truly heal both my mind and my body

A routine mammogram changed my life in an instant! No one had the lifeline I needed. An online search led me to Avinoam Lerner and the “Mindful Remission” program. I absolutely loved the course and wish I was closer so we could meet and I could thank you personally, Avinoam. This disease is tough. But I’m tougher. This disease has changed me physically, and you’ve changed me spiritually. This spirit soars above the physical. I have learned so much and continue to do so daily. I’m glad the course is always available as I will get more out of it each time I repeat it. Love, Linda

When I started chemo, my white blood cell count was 5.9, but doing the Mindful Remission work, my count went up to 6.0, and then today it was 6.4!!!! The highest it has been.

Truly grateful to you and for realizing how powerful I really am when I intentionally connect my mind with my reactive body.

Grateful for your teachings.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I had felt so broken by the medical process that I couldn’t access my ability to heal until I met Avinoam. I am grateful and expect to continue learning, growing, and healing. Cancer hasn’t gotten me yet, and I’m not giving in to this fucking disease without giving my ability to heal everything I’ve got. Thank you, Avinoam, for holding a vision of potential and of healing.

Avinoam’s approach combines hypnotherapy with insightful and practical coaching for you to deeply and clearly understand how you’ve shaped your reality from childhood until this point so that you can see how you’re unwittingly perpetuating harm for yourself instead of allowing yourself to be your fullest!

Avinoam Lerner has an amazing gift for this kind of work. He is kind, direct, clear, obviously a brilliant expert in the field, and embodies the highest of professional ethics, with clear and safe boundaries established and honored. He is patient, explains all that is going on, and truly listens & cares.

Working with Avinoam gave me power when so much power had been taken from me in the name of medicine and western treatment. I like knowing that I have the power to help myself heal, and if I work in conjunction with the doctor’s plans, that together, we can get me to a place of healing much faster than if I just sit and wait for the medicine to do all the work for me.

My initial consultation (Phone, Zoom, In-Person) is free of charge. I keep my client numbers small at any given time to offer those I work with more availability, accessibility, and flexibility. I do not accept insurance.

I look forward to speaking with you.