The Limitations of Conventional Medicine in Treating Cancer or Chronic Illness

If you were to break your arm or leg in an accident, without a doubt, conventional medical treatment is what you most need. A physical cause needs an immediate physical response and the hospital is certainly the place to be.

Likewise if you have cancer or any other chronic illness it goes without saying that you need medical treatment. Conventional medicine is certainly the way to treat the symptoms of your illness – that is not in dispute.

Treating the symptom or condition is extremely important but at the same time addressing the root cause of the condition or symptom is just as important.

Frequently in my office, clients facing serious illness express immense need to look far deeper than the physical symptoms. As people struggling to make sense of a world spinning out of control we search for answers.

Conventional medicine does a great job in treating the symptoms of disease but that is where it stops. The cause of the disease is confined to the realm of biology and environment, but we know deep inside that we are much more than just a physical body or a biological machine.

A doctor or surgeon is all about the facts, what they can see with their own eyes or what they have learned from received medical knowledge.

In many ways, this is a good thing; we need skilled professionals who can fix the symptoms of illnesses or accidents. However with all the $$$$$$$$ thrown at cancer research and all the resources invested it remains a fact that the medical profession is still nowhere near to finding out the actual cause of illnesses such as cancer.

Medical research has provided a vast amount of data that tells us about the structure and mechanisms of cancer. But the one thing that research hasn’t provided is the answer to the question “Why does cancer occur”?

Maybe conventional medicine is looking for the answer in the wrong place by looking for answers from purely within the physical body?

I believe that the real answers lie within an individual’s mind, and more appropriately the subconscious mind. The part of the mind we can access with hypnotherapy.

If negative emotions and thought habits are allowed to evolve over the many years of our conditioning process they can become toxic. In other words we may become conditioned, by certain events or inherited beliefs, to think in certain ways. Not all of these will be helpful to us.

Healthy, balanced and positive thought patterns that facilitate our progression in life will not be harmful, however negative thought patterns held within the mind too deeply may eventually prove to be detrimental to our health if they cannot be identified and released.

I call this process the subconscious Illness Paradigm.

Immersive Healing as an immunotherapeutic approach to healing aims to find the root cause of the disease at the subconscious level, in doing this we can help individuals to heal on a deeper level i.e. emotionally bringing about changes for the better that go way beyond the physical.

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