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How to Stop Cancer Anxiety?

Feeling anxious when receiving a cancer diagnosis or undergoing treatment is understandable, even expected. Whether it’s about treatment-related side effects, cancer spreading, or returning after treatment has ended, whether it’s about losing our independence, our support system, relationships, etc. In the dictionary, anxiety is described as feeling nervous, worried, and on edge. These normal and… Continue Reading How to Stop Cancer Anxiety?

Cancer PTSD

Facing a cancer diagnosis and all the change that follows can be daunting. We were never taught how to process and cope with any life-threatening illness, especially cancer. The result of being so unprepared for this physical, mental, and emotional injury is Cancer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, better known as PTSD. What is Cancer PTSD?… Continue Reading Cancer PTSD

Cancer and Trauma

The connection between cancer diagnosis with trauma isn’t clear from the get-go. And since medical personnel are unlikely to talk about emotional injury, many will never seek support. Before hearing these three powerful words, “You Have Cancer,” you were someone’s father, mother, son, or daughter; you had hopes, dreams, and aspirations. The moment those words… Continue Reading Cancer and Trauma

The Key to Improving Medical Cancer Treatment Outcome

Life Turned Upside Down The key to improving medical cancer treatment outcome is within reach. Now, that’s a big statement to make, yet it’s true. In fact, this statement is grounded in the scientific study of Psychoneuroimmunology, or (PNI). A cancer diagnosis can turn our whole world upside-down. Until that moment, you were busy living… Continue Reading The Key to Improving Medical Cancer Treatment Outcome

The #1 Concern for Many Patients is…

The #1 Concern for Many Cancer Patients is… Riding the emotional roller coaster of cancer is scary. Fear, anger, overwhelm, anxiety, and even depression hit you with tremendous force. If you’re like most of my clients, you found yourself unprepared, at least not mentally or emotionally. Many patients lean on their loved ones to find… Continue Reading The #1 Concern for Many Patients is…

Your Beliefs Impacts Your Recovery from Illness!

Can Your Mindset Impact Your Ability to Recover From Illness? I have never seen someone’s health exceed their identity. Does that make sense? This means that your mental programming, mindset, and beliefs directly influence your experience and, therefore, your ability to recover! For those facing cancer, this is a message worth hearing. Replacing “faulty” mental programming… Continue Reading Your Beliefs Impacts Your Recovery from Illness!