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This blog shares various posts and articles on “cancer wellness & trauma recovery coaching” to inspire both patients and caregivers to feel supported, hopeful and empowered. Support is paramount for both healing and quality of life during treatment.

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Cancer and Trauma Recovery

A cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment can be deeply traumatic. Experiences like invasive procedures, fear of the unknown, and loss of control trigger stress responses similar to those in traditional trauma. This is why we must talk about the complex relationship between cancer and trauma and find ways to address it. Here are some aspects… Continue Reading Cancer and Trauma Recovery

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Can You Improve Your Cancer Treatment Outcome?

If you knew of certain actions you could take to improve the outcome of your cancer treatment; would you take them? If you discovered tools and techniques you could use to optimize your healing and recovery, would you use them? That’s what my clients do, and they often get better outcomes than their medical team… Continue Reading Can You Improve Your Cancer Treatment Outcome?

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Overcoming Cancer & Your Subconscious Mind

In this new training video, we explore the connection between our Mind and the body’s Immune System. Whether you’re in the thick of treatment or remission, learn what you can do to engage with and enhance the functioning of your body’s defense system. Thankfully, we live in a day and age where the mind and… Continue Reading Overcoming Cancer & Your Subconscious Mind

No Chemotherapy Treatment

Can We Treat Cancer Without Chemo?

One of the most common questions I receive during consultations is whether we can treat cancer without chemotherapy. As we are currently in 2023, medical advancements have turned this idea from a New Age concept to a medical reality, with treatments such as immunotherapy and targeted therapies. Given all the information we have heard about… Continue Reading Can We Treat Cancer Without Chemo?

Cancer Trauma PTSD

Can the Trauma of Cancer Ever Heal?

From diagnosis to treatment and survivorship, facing cancer means addressing more than just the physical burden of medical treatment; it often means experiencing mental and emotional distress.  Call it Trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); many patients struggle to shake off all this turmoil after treatment ends. They seek support as they work to define… Continue Reading Can the Trauma of Cancer Ever Heal?

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Shifting Into Healing Cancer

Cancer – Shifting into Healing Have you ever heard of people healing themselves from cancer, even in its late stages? If you have, you may be wondering how they managed to achieve this. And more importantly, you may be asking yourself how you can do the same. Regardless of your diagnosis and whether or not… Continue Reading Shifting Into Healing Cancer