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This blog shares various posts and articles on “cancer wellness & trauma recovery coaching” to inspire both patients and caregivers to feel supported, hopeful and empowered. Support is paramount for both healing and quality of life during treatment.

Thriving with cancer - a Client's Testimonial

Thriving with Cancer – A Client’s Testimonial

Thriving With Cancer How I transformed my mindset to maximize healing before, during, and after treatment “I have bad news.” First time I heard those words, my heart skipped a beat. The second time was more of a kick in the balls, a mix of disbelief and agony. When a doctor says, “you’ve got cancer,”… Continue Reading Thriving with Cancer – A Client’s Testimonial

Cancer Coach Avinoam Lerner

What Does a Cancer Coach Do?

What Does a Cancer Coach Do? In this post, I want to talk about what is a Cancer Coach and what it is not because the very definition of this service relatively new practice or service that depends on the setting in which it is offered. For example, in a clinical setting, a cancer coach… Continue Reading What Does a Cancer Coach Do?

emotions and cancer

How to Fight Cancer Emotionally

At first glance, this notion of fighting cancer with emotions may seem way off-target. After all, we fight cancer with medicine and medical treatment. But our body and mind are not separate systems; they are one integrated system. Think of sensations like pain or pleasure; they have correlating emotional states. In the same way, thoughts… Continue Reading How to Fight Cancer Emotionally

EFT for cancer anxiety

How to Stop Cancer Anxiety?

Feeling anxious when receiving a cancer diagnosis or undergoing treatment is understandable, even expected. Whether it’s about treatment-related side effects, cancer spreading, or returning after treatment has ended, whether it’s about losing our independence, our support system, relationships, etc. In the dictionary, anxiety is described as feeling nervous, worried, and on edge. These normal and… Continue Reading How to Stop Cancer Anxiety?

Cancer PTSD

Cancer PTSD

Facing a cancer diagnosis and all the change that follows can be daunting. We were never taught how to process and cope with any life-threatening illness, especially cancer. The result of being so unprepared for this physical, mental, and emotional injury is Cancer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, better known as PTSD. What is Cancer PTSD?… Continue Reading Cancer PTSD

Cancer and Trauma

Cancer and Trauma

The connection between cancer diagnosis with trauma isn’t clear from the get-go. And since medical personnel are unlikely to talk about emotional injury, many will never seek support. Before hearing these three powerful words, “You Have Cancer,” you were someone’s father, mother, son, or daughter; you had hopes, dreams, and aspirations. The moment those words… Continue Reading Cancer and Trauma