Cancer CD

Guided Imagery for Cancer

The Healing Power of Your Mind: Guided Imagery for Cancer

Take control of your own healing process by harnessing the power of your mind, your first line of defense.

This recording, The Healing Power of Your Mind, will help you activate the innate healing mechanism of your body. This is the same mechanism that heal cuts or burns and when needed mend a broken bone.

The content you will hear is inspired by the scientific study of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). It infuses  effective techniques from both Neurolinguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

It will help you:

Cancer Cd Benefits     Relieve excessive worry and stress about treatments and outcomes while maintaining a positive mindset and resolve to heal.

Cancer Cd Benefits    Maximize your medical treatment potential by boosting your immune system and help your body fight cancer!

Cancer Cd Benefits     Overcome debilitating fear and summon the courage to hope.

Cancer Cd Benefits     Become an active participant in your own healing!

Cancer Cd Benefits    Sleep soundly and peacefully throughout the night.


How does Guided Imagery for Cancer Works?

Guided imagery stimulates the parasympathetic part of our nervous system. This part of our nervous system induces various “rest-and-digest” activities vs. “fight-or-flight” activities. It is only when the body is at rest that healing can take place.

By drawing your attention to a specific voice, spectrum of sounds and rhythms Guided Imagery offers transcendence away from your illness. Practicing this transcendence offers you a much needed sense of mastery and control over your body and your illness.

Let this Guided Imagery for Cancer CD be your ally and catalyst for transformation. It is professionally recorded and engineered for superb sound quality.  Using music for cancer, it is structured in accordance with the latest mind-body and wellness research. This CD is designed for deep emotional healing that shifts long-held beliefs and fears, and it is exactly the right length for the repeated listening necessary for healing.


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