Cancer Coaching – What It Is and When to Hire One

Cancer wellness coachThe number of patients transitioning from active treatment into survivorship is growing rapidly, and this is of course a cause for celebration. Yet the impact of treatment, as well as the long-term side effects that tend to stay once treatment is over can significantly impact survivor’s quality of life.

The “system” it seems is not designed to provide the kind of long term care survivors seek and need, not physically, and not emotionally. The few hospitals or clinics that do offer this kind of care, limit both the extent and the length of this valuable service. So what are survivors to do? Are they to rely on the good heart of their caregivers yet again or should they seek the comfort of other survivors through social platforms and communities?

The Era of The Cancer Coach

Well yes, they can certainly do both of these things or; they can hire a cancer wellness coach. Have someone in their corner with the skills, experience and knowledge to help them achieve their desired health and wellness goals.

Clients ejected from the bosom of medical care back into their home environment reported on a wide range of challenges. Some related to the fear of reoccurrence, others to loss of meaning, loss of identity or lack of purpose just to name a few. Until now their options for help were limited to either a therapist or a primary care physician. With the birth of this new holistic service called Cancer Coaching, patients have another resource available to them.

If you are one of the 14,000,000 or so survivors in the US and you are wandering why you should even consider this service here are a couple of points to consider.

First, you hire a Cancer Wellness Coach not because you don’t know what you need to do, but because you want someone to help you follow up and hold you accountable for doing those things you know are good for you and your health.

Secondly, you hire a Cancer Wellness Coach when you feel overwhelmed, helpless or stuck. When you feel alone or when you simply do not wish to burden your loved ones with your fears, frustrations, wants and aspirations.

So what is Cancer Coaching?

Cancer Coaching or Cancer Wellness Coaching recognizes there is much more to cancer than only what the doctors can see, measure or touch. Therefore, the journey toward healing and recovery must include more than only what happens during visits with your medical doctor.

It is an innovative service that helps support patients and provides them practical skills development to help meet their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

An effective coach works with his or her client to facilitate and define realistic goals to achieve their wellness vision. The coach will then offer strategies for the client to actively participate in the creation of this vision.

My goal as your coach is to lead you out of the dark forest of fear and the unknown so you can see the way to a promising healing future, to a place where you can remember this truth: While you may be with illness you are not your illness.