The Most Unexpected Response to Cancer Recovery

cancer anger and healing

An uncommon response to recovery from cancer

Why Some people will be angry if you heal and recover from Cancer?
When a patient battling cancer is attaining positive results with his or her treatment plan, it is only natural they’ll want to share the good news with those around them. It is generally expected that when positive news is shared with those around us they will react with sympathy and joy.

Much to the surprise of many patients it is not always the case. Yes, for the most part people will celebrate ones recovery but there are those who will react with anger and resentment when good news is presented. As strange as it may seem, resentment is a fairly common response to healing and here is why:

Loss of a Loved One.
You must consider your audience. It may be that some in your audience have lost loved ones to cancer and severe chronic illnesses. If so, seeing you with the same disease that took their parent, sibling, spouse, or even their child could bring back very painful memories of their loved one’s illness and loss.

Hearing that you are overcoming the same illness that took the one they loved could make them think “why you?” They may wonder why you get to survive the illness while their loved one, who was a good person, had to die.

Coming Face to Face with Mortality.
It is likely that you know of someone or have heard of someone who battled cancer, some survived and other passed away. Anytime life threatening illness is present in your life you are reminded of your own mortality or the possibility that you too may become ill.

Fear of Incompetency.
When you are strong and begin to heal, those around you may wonder if they would experience the same positive results if they were in your place. The fear they feel when considering the prospect of being in your place can trigger a strong anger reaction (or over reaction).

You Action Plan!
Choose your company well. If possible, avoid discussing your illness and positive results with those whom you do not feel safe with or have an honest relationship with.

Try not to share intimate details of your healing process with people outside of your support circle. Select a small group of people who are positive and supportive and share the joy instead of resentment with these people.

If you encountered anger or felt it’s necessary to keep the good news of your recovery to yourself, please let share?

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