What is the Difference between Immersive Healing and Hypnosis for Cancer?

Hypnosis has long been an ally in the fight against, and the healing of cancer. For the most part it was utilized as a therapeutic intervention for treatment side effects. Common uses of hypnosis in cancer treatment were to speed recovery from surgery and ease physical discomfort and emotional distress which is part and parcel of conventional treatments.
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So what is the difference between this type of hypnosis for cancer and Immersive Healing? To explain this difference think about a general medical practitioner such as your primary care physician and a specialist like an oncologist. Your PCP is well educated and skilled but he or she is trained to diagnose and prescribe medication. He or she can properly direct you when needed to a specialist of a particular field who has greater skill in that field.

Immersive Healing utilize and an advanced hypnotic protocol called Regression to Cause. This is a specialized protocol that requires a certain level of experience and knowledge. It demands the facilitator will harbor certain qualities and abilities that are not taught in regular hypnosis courses like intuition, the ability to work with and contain immense emotions that are being released etc. This qualities and abilities are not something that can be acquired easily; they must be built into the personality of the facilitator, hard wired if you will.

Furthermore, Regression to Cause as structured in Immersive Healing is a very active or dynamic technique which demands the client be active, part of the process and involved in his or her own experience. Generally speaking, in other hypnotic protocols the client is more passive i.e. he is absorbing rather than letting out.

The more general type of hypnosis, the type which you might be familiar with, uses a hypnotic technique that is known as Direct Suggestion. In this type of practice the client is led into a hypnotic state; once in this state of mind, the therapist embeds positive suggestions and affirmations into the client’s subconscious mind, with the aim of producing more desirable patterns of thought and behavior.

Direct suggestion hypnosis can be extremely effective when carried out by an experienced hypnotherapist. It is especially effective for those who wish to overcome a fear or phobia, or to give up a bad habit like smoking. It has more to do with changing behavioral patterns and thoughts patterns than healing illness. It is not what it was designed to do.

When we are dealing with cancer we need to pull out all the stops; we need to use the most powerful weapon we possibly can in order to fight the illness. I believe that the hypnotic protocol of Regression to Cause is this weapon. It allows us to access the deepest layers of the Subconscious Mind; where the seed planting of the illness is found. By healing the cause i.e. the Mind, we ultimately can heal its effect, the Body.

By identifying, addressing and healing the Subconscious Mind patterns that weighed heavy on the innate immune system and produced the conditions where cancer can develop we eliminate the energy that feed the cancer and kick start the dormant immune response. With a fortified immune system and greater resolve to heal all forms of medical interventions will preform their healing better. This in turn increase your odds for recovery.

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Which Complementary or Alternative Cancer Treatment is Right for You?

Boston Clinical Hypnosis. Many of my clients researched variety of complementary or alternative cancer treatments before they’ve learned about Immersive Healing. Rightfully so, they wanted to know which type of treatment is right for them. When they first contacted me for more information I offered the following advice.
holistic cancer therapyI invited them to first define what it is that they wanted; or expected from their treatment (beyond the obvious that it should be effective. A practical way to do this is to ask yourself a few questions.

You can begin by asking yourself about the kind of support you are looking for. Is it physical support? Emotional support? Or even support on a spiritual level?

If you are seeking support for your body i.e. you want to gain strength and have more energy consider seeing a nutritional practitioner or a Naturopath Doctor. They can help you work out a dietary plan and supplements that will provide you with optimum levels of nutrition, cleanse your blood and improve your overall physical experience.

If you are seeking psychological support to strengthen your resolve to heal and manage feelings that naturally accompany the cancer such as fear, anxiety and even shame consider seeing a psychotherapist. He or she can provide you the tools to better cope with the onslaught of emotions and feelings cancer arise.

If you are however seeking to increase your odds for recovery and the effectiveness of your medial treatment you must go beyond the Conscious Mind into the Operating System of your being i.e. the Subconscious Mind. if this is is your intention, consider Immersive Healing. Immersive Healing let you become an active participant in your own healing.
Immersive Healing works in the realm of the subconscious level. Its therapeutic process is designed to let you identify, resolve and, ultimately, heal the root cause of the illness, the mental seed of cancer. Immersive Healing cleanse the Mind by eliminating erroneous perceptions and harmful mental patterns that produced the conditions for the development of cancer in the first place. It rewrites your subconscious programming so it can produce new and better results i.e. health instead of illness.

Some of my clients are seeking a deeper spiritual understanding of themselves. This in my view is a part of the healing process, though you need not be a religious person per se to truly benefit and heal. You can gain great strength simply by contemplating and discovering a deeper meaning in your illness and in your life. If spirituality is what you seek and you are a religious person approach your priest, your minister, your rabbi etc. and draw strength from their wisdom. If you are not a religious person find the practitioner that resonate with you the most and draw your strength from them.

The simple answer to the above question is that you can benefit from working or being supported on several levels. Look for that which resonate with you the most and trust your gut feeling. If the temptation arise to do what other did, remember that we are all unique. Each individual needs to find the type of therapy that works best for them and fits with their own particular belief system.

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Medical Hypnosis in Boston

Boston Massachusetts is a home for some of the best medical facilities in the world and this is especially true when it comes to cancer care. Both Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center and Massachusetts General Hospital have made the USA Top 10 Best Hospitals list.

successful chemotherapy guided imageryOut of 900 hospitals ranked, Dana Farber is number five and Mass General is number seven. This is a remarkable achievement and a reason for many people around the US and the world to seek the right cancer treatment in Boston.

Amongst those who come to Boston, many seek to supplement their medical treatment with non-medical therapies such as Immersive Healing (Hypnosis for Cancer). Immersive Healing allow them to take part and participate in their own care. It offers them a pathway to healing their mental and emotional suffering i.e. the non-physical aspects of their illness while undergoing treatment.

The purpose of any treatment (conventional or complementary) is to restore one’s health of course and that means having you returning home as quickly as possible. However, out of sight does not mean out of mind, at least not when recovering from cancer.

It is challenging to get back into the rhythm of life or resume life as if nothing happened. If you are like any of my clients you spend time thinking about what it means to have had cancer or the possibility of it coming back. Those who live in the New England are schedule monthly sessions to support and maintain their healing momentum and negate these debilitating fears. Those who live far away often times schedule online sessions via Skype.

If however you wish to work on your own, the best in-home support I can recommend is products such as Guided Imagery for Cancer or self-hypnosis for cancer that enhances comfort, help you sleep peacefully, increase your confidence and self-esteem and overall help you maintain a positive outlook on life.
There are many options to choose from and if you are interested to learn more you can visit my own website for such products or my Amazon page.

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4 Top Benefits of Complementary Cancer Treatment

I am often asked about the benefits one can expect from complementary cancer treatment, so below I have listed what I consider to be the four top benefits.
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1. Feeling empowered: Taking part in the decision making process of your health care plan and being an active participant in your healing is empowering. It takes you from a passive mode to an active mode, and helps you to feel that you are back in the driving seat when it comes to your health. While your medical care team is doing all that they can do, you can feel that you too are playing a part in the process and doing all that you can possibly do to create the best environment within your body for healing to take place.

2. The human connection: When you work with a practitioner of complementary alternative medicine, certainly when working with me, you get a more personalized one-to-one connection. You get more than just the few minutes allocated to you by your doctor; with me you get at least an hour and a half. Being rushed and having to wait for doctors to show up, for test results and all that is in between can make a person feel as if he or she is just their illness.

3. Safe, non-invasive treatment: Immersive Healing offers a safe, non-invasive and drugless process of healing. It can be practiced in conjunction with conventional medical care. Results can be felt in ‘real time’, meaning that they are felt as they occur, first in the Mind and then in the body. There is no need to spend time in hospital, no need to worry about dependency or side effects from medication and no downtime spent in recovering from treatment. These aspects of the treatment are very important because at a time when your body is being overloaded with medical treatment, drugs, hospital stays and recovery time etc. the last thing that you need is to add more of the same.

4. A holistic approach to illness: When you use alternative cancer treatments you get support on all levels, by this I mean that your emotional and spiritual well-being is acknowledged and addressed. Some types of complementary alternative therapies also address the physical dimension (for example those that focus on health through nutrition) and, of course, hypnosis works with the mind-body connection, where the aim is to enable the physical body to follow the healing that takes place in the mind. Without disrespecting to the amazing work that your medical team is doing, it has to be said that medical professionals are trained to treat the disease and not the whole person. In my office I offer a more holistic approach, treating the whole person and not just their illness.

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Is Hypnosis for Cancer Effective?

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I am often asked how hypnosis can help cancer? and how someone can actually be sure that hypnosis can be effective for cancer? The answer is straight forward, we see and experience the results!
The type of hypnosis I use as a component of Immersive Healing is called Regression-to-Cause hypnosis.
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I use this hypnotic protocol because it produces results in real time. By this I mean that when using this type of hypnosis, the client gets to feel the change as it occurs. They get to experience their journey and transformation in an authentic way which leads to real change. First the change is in the level of Mind i.e. their perceptions and belief systems. Then the change is translated into their body.

Regressing in time, they get to feel that they are right there, back in the moment that their mind has taken them to. This is the moment when their perception and knowledge of self changed from positive and helpful to negative and harmful. In the reality of their Subconscious Mind this moment could be a recent one or a one from the distant past – something that occurred just yesterday or something that happened decades ago.

It is important to remember that Time is a man-made concept. We created ‘time’ as it were. Inside your skull and within your brain there is no concept of time; there is no ticking clock.

Here is a helpful analogy which I use in my book The New Cancer Paradigm. Imagine your Subconscious Mind as a sort of library, a library in which there are books that were written recently and books that were written many years ago lined up on a shelf. You can gain access to each one of these books regardless of their publishing date, just by reaching your hand. Regression-to-Cause works in a similar way but instead of a physical hand it uses thoughts and suggestions.

Think of it this way, your mind has stored all the memories, thoughts, emotions and experiences that you have ever had – regression to cause hypnosis allows you to re-access these memories.
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When you regress to a particular time in your life or event through, it will feel as real as it was when you actually were there. Your feelings and sensations will become as alive and vivid as they were when you experienced them the first time around. It is this level of supreme authenticity that is so vital. It increases your belief in the therapeutic process and in fact in the possibility of healing.
The pivotal understanding in mind body medicine is that you have to actually believe enough in the possibility of healing in order to tell yourself so with conviction and in order for healing to occur.

After a hypnotherapy session, my clients report that they feel the changes that have occurred deep within their Mind already taking effect. They think and feel differently about certain things. Certain things that held power now seem less significant or altogether insignificant.

It’s vital to point out that hypnotherapy isn’t a panacea for all of life’s trials and tribulations. After a session, you will still experience life’s ups and downs – as we all do – but you will find that the way in which you respond to challenging circumstances, events or environments will be different. You will feel differently and respond differently – in a more positive and productive way.
It is important to remember that while the Subconscious Mind works instantly; it can take time for the physical body to catch up. This is entirely normal and the body will eventually catch up with the healing that is taking place in the Mind.

Hypnosis enables you to feel and experience positive effects within the mind in the first place, this eventually translates to the body’s environment and this is how you will ultimately know that Immersive Healing, and therefore hypnosis, is working for you.

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How Hypnosis for Cancer Benefit Radiation Patients?

In addition to being beneficial for people that are undergoing or about to undergo surgery and chemotherapy, hypnosis is helpful for people that require radiation therapy.cancer alternative treatment

Radiation treatment differs from chemotherapy and surgery. Chemotherapy gets into the body’s blood stream and affects the entire body; radiation is a localized form of treatment effecting a particular organ or group of cells. Surgery is an invasive procedure which requires time to recuperate and heal, radiation is non invasive and therefore require less time to recuperate.

Radiation treatment as I describe in my book The New Cancer Paradigm, while highly effective in treating cancer cells, brings with it a number of unpleasant physiological and emotional side effects that can affect the person being treated on various levels. Physiological side effects of radiation treatment include pain, nausea, hair loss and skin problems to name just a few, which can be difficult enough to cope with on their own.

Combined with these physiological side effects are the emotional side effects that this type of treatment brings on, these can include feelings of sadness, anxiety and anger – all in all a general change to a person’s mood. Just when a person has to face the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis, they also have to face an onslaught of many other unpleasant physical feelings and emotions.

Symptoms and side effects of radiation treatment vary and are unique for each individual; they depend on the dose of radiation given, the area being treated or the severity of the condition. Sometimes these side effects are so unpleasant and overwhelming for the patient they may feel liking giving up their fight – to the point where they may not show up for treatment.

Failing to follow though the recommended regiment decreases a person’s chances for recovery from cancer. It is vital that a person does not give up, that they feel well and strong enough, physically, mentally and emotionally, to see their treatment through.

Hypnosis can help cancer patients undergoing radiation in many different ways. It will help a person to strengthen their will-to-live thus empowering him or her to maintain a positive or fighting state of mind. By conditioning their Mind, it will help their body cope and recover and it will lessen the unpleasant side effects caused by radiation treatment; it helps them to address the psychological distress caused by the treatment and helps to lessen the impact and, therefore, the severity of these side effects. For these reasons, hypnosis is a beneficial form of treatment that can be incorporated into a total program of healing for cancer.

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How to Integrate Hypnosis for Cancer into Your Medical Cancer Treatment

Hypnosis for cancer offers patients many benefits, benefits that include more than just symptom relief from treatment. This is why more and more people choose to integrate hypnosis into their treatment plan. Holistic cancer treatment

There is more to cancer treatment than what the doctor can see, touch or remove. While your medical team support and help your body heal; it is just as important to help you and your Mind heal. Cancer is a battle fought on many fronts, the physical dimension is the most familiar one but illness has a mental dimension and even a spiritual one. If you are with cancer or know someone with cancer you know that stress, anxiety, fear and helplessness are common.

This is where hypnosis comes into the picture, it provide relief on the mental, emotional and spiritual front. Hypnosis as utilized in Immersive Healing can be practiced in conjunction with your medical treatment. It will lessen anticipatory anxiety, fear of outcome and even condition your mind to better utilize the medicine you receive.

By conditioning the mind and establishing a healthy attitude toward medical treatment you increase your odds for recovery. Furthermore, you reduce the severity of treatment side effects and in doing so you enhance your quality of life.

Find a hypnotherapist in your local community, one who has experience with cancer. Schedule a session with him or her a day or two before your scheduled medical treatment. This is the best way to Integrate Immersive Healing and, in particular, hypnosis into your established medical cancer treatment.

If you can’t find a local hypnotherapist or simply do not feel the connection with him or her find someone online. Although this will not be my first choice, some work can be done online via Skype for example. You can always contact me for more information, I am happy to help in any way.

Working with hypnosis, you will prepare your mind and also your body (remember the body follows the mind when it comes to healing) for that treatment; this allows your mind and body to accept the healing that the particular treatment has to offer, which, in turn, can make that treatment more effective.

In summary hypnosis can help you attain the best possible frame of mind with which you can meet the many challenges of treatment with ease; it can help you feel more grounded, more centered and much less worried about any treatment you may need. All in all you will feel more ready for that treatment, mentally and physically. If you feel ready for your treatment and can approach it with a calm state of mind, the chances are that the treatment will be able to work its particular type of healing more effectively.

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Top Pros & Cons for Alternative Cancer Treatments

More and more cancer patients supplement their medical treatment with Complimentary Alternative Cancer treatments. This is a growing trend and if you act responsibly a very blessed one.
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The purpose of this blog post is to shed light on Immersive Healing. The more insight into the working of IH and the more aware you are of the benefit it offers the more likely you are to integrate it into your medical treatment plan.

Immersive Healing Pros

1. Immersive healing (IH) is a safe, effective and non-invasive therapeutic intervention designed to identify and heal the subconscious mental patterns that influenced and produced the conditions within the body that facilitated the growth of cancer. This is the vital, first step towards healing.
2. Immersive healing is holistic, meaning that it is drugless, non-invasive and painless. There is no need for recovery time, no painful side effects to the treatment, no worries about becoming dependent on medication and no need to stay in hospital or take large amounts of time out from your regular schedule.

3. Immersive healing is empowering because you, yourself, become an active rather than passive, part of the healing process. It gives you back a sense of control over the treatment you may need and over the cancer itself. It helps you to feel that you are involved.

4. Immersive healing allows you to address negative emotional states of mind that may have been with you, either consciously or subconsciously, for a long period of time – maybe throughout most of your life. It can help to remove the burden caused by these harmful emotions which aggravate your internal mental and physical environment. In doing so IH helps preventing the reoccurrence of illness.

Immersive Healing Cons

1. Hypnosis, which is the therapeutic vehicle of Immersive Healing, has negative connotations for many people. This is because hypnosis is a much-misunderstood form of treatment. The kind of hypnosis seen on television or stage shows has nothing to do with the kind of hypnosis utilized in Immersive Healing. These misconceptions about hypnosis may prevent some people from seeking the type of help that Immersive Healing offers and enjoy its benefits.

2. Quite simply, although hopefully this is something that is set to change, not many people know about Immersive Healing as an effective, therapeutic form of healing for cancer. We know that there is more to cancer than what the doctors can see, touch, remove or burn. Therefore, it stands to reason that cancer is something we need to treat from every possible angle.

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Hypnosis for Cancer and Chronic Illness

Hypnosis has long been an ally in the healing of cancer, but not all forms of hypnosis are equally effective. In a nutshell, there are two types of hypnosis protocols practitioners utilize; Direct Suggestion and Regression Therapy.

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a beautiful mind by Laura , Netherlands

The kind of hypnosis that most people are familiar with is known as Direct Suggestion hypnosis – this is very often used to help people overcome fears and phobias, change certain unproductive behaviors or to give up bad habits such as smoking for example.

Immersive Healing as prescribed in my book The New Cancer Paradigm utilizes a specific hypnotic protocol called Regression-to-Cause. This is an advanced and more demanding protocol. To successfully employ Regression to Cause for illness such as cancer, the facilitator must have extensive experience and insight into the working of the emotional subconscious mind. He or she must be able to facilitate the release of emotions buried long ago and work for the most part intuitively. This perhaps is the reason why very few practitioners in the US offer this service.

Direct Suggestion is mostly effective in the arena of harmful habitual thinking and changing the behavior that follows; Regression-to-Cause is effective in the arena of chronic thinking and distorted perceptions and changing their harmful effect in the body i.e. illness.

Direct Suggestion require little or no active participation from the client, he or she are guided into trance state where their mind and attention are focused. While in this state of mind, the therapist direct positive suggestions and statements to their subconscious mind in order to sow the seeds that will encourage new ways of thinking and feeling and that will lead to the desired outcome for that client.

Regression to Cause requires a great deal of participation from the client. It recalls life events for the purpose of reliving and re-perceiving them. It is like looking at a snapshot from your life as if it was a postcard and then be able to step into the scenery as if back-then is right-now. This level of immersion creates authenticity. Authenticity creates change in real time. Any change made in the Mind will produce a corresponding change within the Body.

The main difference between the two types of hypnosis is that regression to cause hypnosis gives us deeper access to the subconscious mind. It allows us to identify, resolve and heal any harmful mental patterns that may have affected the body’s immune system and can, therefore, help us to revive the body’s immune response. This is particularly helpful for cancer because a strong, healthy immune system means a stronger, healthier defense system.

Because it addresses deep-rooted emotions and identifies their causes, regression to cause hypnosis is what we can describe as the ‘heavy guns’ of hypnosis. Regression to cause hypnosis differs from direct suggestion hypnosis in that it allows us to really get to the bottom of the harmful mental patterns, or as Dr. Deepak Chopra call them The Non Physical Aspects of Illness that produced the illness. Not only does this mean that a person may increase their chances of healing, but also that they may prevent cancer from reoccurring.

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Guided Imagery for Cancer help Overcome the Fear of Cancer Diagnosis

guided imagery for cancer

You are not alone.

A cancer diagnosis gives the word “Illness” a whole new meaning. We’ve all have been ill at one point or another in our lives, the flue or chicken pokes etc… it was part of growing up.

This is what illness meant to us and we knew we are going to survive because our parents and care takers constantly reassured us that “these too shall pass’. They broadcasted that message with confident and certainty and we believed them. But all this has changed with a cancer diagnosis. Now you can hardly hear anyone say anything with confidence or certainty. Now the voices of loved ones are filled with fear.

In the case of cancer, more than any other illness fear is the underlying soundtrack. Our conversations, our outlook and even our body posture are needlessly affected by it. I say needlessly because fear is simply an outcome, a result, it is an emotional response to our perception of cancer. If you take the time to look closely at that perception you will find it is outdated or fueled by snippets of stories from long ago.

We become fearful for the following two reasons:

1. We perceive a situation to be painful, dangerous or difficult.

2. We don’t believe we have the resources to cope.

The first item is all about perception and the second all about belief.
The good news is:

a. We can change our perception by reevaluating the source of information.

b. We can change our belief about our ability to cope by reevaluating our inner resources.

Such reevaluation on a regular basis will inevitably lead to change and the dissolution of fear.

Changing what we perceive as the truth or what we believe about ourselves is neither easy of comfortable. Yet, it is our way of making a stand and support our body in its effort to heal. Our perceptions are based on our beliefs and  beliefs are just thoughts we’ve repeated over and over again until they became our truth.

If we used this model to form our beliefs in the past we can do it again, this time the right way. Sure it takes work but it is our health that we support. The fastest way to form new beliefs is repetition. Choose a thought that represent your ideal scenario or condition and repeat it to yourself over and over again for a few weeks. My preferred method is to listen to audio tracks such as the one you can find in my Guided Imagery for Cancer CD but there are other recordings available.

Ultimately, this recording and others aim to focus your attention away from fearful thoughts so you can break free from them. In the Guided Imagery for Cancer CD, the soundtrack is enhanced by empowering messages that will help you summon the courage to cope with fear while changing your beliefs.

The remedy for fear is courage and we must summon the courage to break free from cultural, social or personal beliefs about illness and self. The online dictionary defines Courage as. The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear.

There is more to courage than that.  It is not only facing the danger and pain without fear, but despite it.  And in the context of illness, courage will help us recognize that illness much like fear is an outcome and a result. Illness has both a purpose and a meaning, that through illness we are provided with an opportunity to grow and become more than we currently are.

Courage is prerequisite for healing. Stories of courage bring light, inspire and uplift our spirit. Please share yours…