The impact of COVID-19 on our lives is undeniable. While it may be true we can’t prevent change from taking place; it’s also true we can change our response to… see more

Facing Change

With everything that’s been written about the topic of ‘facing change,’ you would think we should all be experts on the matter by now; unfortunately, that’s not the case, not for most of us. For most people, change is anxiety-producing, scary, it’s disorienting, and it’s threatening.

And it’s certainly true when we think about what the day after COVID-19 is going to look like for us, right?

This particular thought process easily agitates us because it brings about a great deal of uncertainty and fears into our experience…

If you’re like many of my clients, your default protocol for dealing with uncomfortable thoughts is to avoid them and resist them. Only in this case, doing so means you’re resisting change.

Resisting Change Due to Covid-19

My point is resisting change is futile; change is inevitable, and resisting it is like fighting windmills.

And this is important because even though it’s true we can’t prevent change in our lives, it’s certainly true we can change the way we respond to it. To that end, I want to offer 3 working strategies I use to get through difficult times; I share them with my clients, and hopefully, they’ll be useful for you as well…

First, we let go of the unrealistic expectation for things to return to their previous position. Why? because such expectations cause unnecessary suffering.

Secondly, we shift our view of this period of change from ‘threatening’ to a life-improving period. Doing so helps us get curious about how exactly our lives can improve or look once this pandemic is over. That’s where all the fun is.

And last but not least, my favorite working strategy is to zoom out and look at the big picture of your life.  Remind yourself of the many ways past changes, circumstances, and events you defined as difficult and negatives have actually turned out to be growth opportunities in disguise.

You Have Done This Before

There were many times in your life when you could transform the weight of lead in your soul into gold. My hope is you recognize your ability to do so and that you’re grateful for every one of those opportunities.

So, if transforming lead into gold is something you wish to do but feel you need help doing, send me either a private message or an email. Choose the method that is right for you, depending on where this is posted and we’ll set up a time for us to talk.

Changing your life for the better is possible, and it can make all the difference in your world. I look forward to speaking with you and supporting you.