Help with Cancer – Strengthen Your Resolve to Heal

The interconnectedness of our body and Mind still baffles researchers. Despite decades of effort, it’s 2013 and we still have more questions than answers. True,  studies repeatedly show a promising potential of this phenomenon, especially when it comes to our health but we know very little about how to employ this relationship and its mechanism to our advantage.

hypnosis for cancer

Help With Cancer

If we could only learn how to tune-in and read the accurate feedback our minds and bodies provide, we would be able to anticipate, intervene and even stop illness at its track. Unfortunately, we are not there yet and may never get an absolute clear cut answer or protocol we are hoping for.

I for one believe we need not wait for a scientific confirmation so we can tap into our own experience. We all are equipped with the ability to pay attention to what is taking place within us, our own thoughts, sensations and feelings. An example of some of the most common messages we may “hear” (and ignore) are headaches, nausea, fatigue, insomnia etc’.

The outcome of acknowledging these messages and not just numbing them with medication or other numbing substances will be “health promoting” rather than “health limiting”.

How to Tune Into Your Own Experience

Here are some ideas about how to tune-in and tap onto the flow of information your mind-body provide. Follow the process below and practice it whenever you can, either when you wake-up, on your lunch break or just before you go to bed.

When you have the time, close your eyes, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Now ask yourself…

• How am I feeling right now?
• Listen to the most dominant or loud emotion/physical sensation.
• If the answer is “I feel good” or the sensation in your body is of comfort, acknowledge it and
thank your mind-body for taking such good care of you.
• If a negative emotion arises, or you feel stressed, afraid or notice any physical discomfort, ask
yourself what is this pain/stress/emotion is trying to tell you?
• Once again, listen, sense or feel the answer.
• Then ask yourself, what steps need I take to resolve this pain/stress/emotion?
• Resolve to follow through.
• Check in with yourself on a regular basis to make sure your attending to your needs.

This process should take about 15 minutes. Tuning-in doesn’t mean belly gazing or soul searching; it means you are checking-in with yourself, emotionally and mentally for greater clarity of your experience. Different people may get the answers to their questions in different ways. As humans use our senses to process information i.e. Visual (images), Auditory (sounds), Kinesthetic (touch and internal feelings), Gustatory (tastes) and Olfactory (smells).

If you are an auditory person it is likely that you would “hear” the message in your own inner-voice.
If you were a person using the visual system it is likely that you would “see” the answer in your own mind’s eye, and so on.

Pay attention to what takes place inside of you. Once you know; honor, acknowledge and practice it.

By listening and acknowledging your internal experience on a regular basis you not only you resolve the need for illness to manifest in your body but you also strengthen your resolve to heal and cultivate hope. In doing so you are allowing your innate healing system to function in optimum level.

Please share some of your discoveries and insights?

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