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With the onset of a cancer diagnosis and the treatment regimen that follows, patients are faced with a wide range of challenges and limitations. In addition to the effect cancer has on their physical body it inevitably also impact their mind, their thoughts and feelings.

Depended on caretakers to help manage their day, patients often describe feeling as if they are a burden. They therefore do not wish to further trouble loved ones with their most private suffering.

This is where this service is of most value.

This service offers those who live in the Boston area and who struggle with mobility, either due to illness or lack of transportation a way to take part in their own care from the comfort of home.

Doing so not only help patients cultivate a sense of hope and mastery but it also help them break through the sense of isolation often present due to the rapid rate of changes to their lives.

The journey toward healing and wellness demand a committed support-system. When given the opportunity, it is my privilege to be a part of such committed team of caretakers. While your medical team makes every effort to heal your body, it is essential for you to care for yourself, and now you can.

Living successfully with cancer

Regardless of the stage of illness, you can benefit from learning how to keep on living successfully with cancer. You can transform physical and emotional suffering into comfort and quality of life, and advance your progress toward recovery.

If this course of action is appropriate for you, the next step is to schedule a free, no-obligation half-hour consultation in which we determine the best way for you to benefit from this service. You can either call me at 617.564.0707, email me at Free@AvinoamLerner.com or click on the “Form” icon.

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