How to Cope with the Shock of Cancer Diagnosis?

Hearing these three words “you have cancer” is frightening. Until that moment you have been someone’s mother or a father, someone’s son or daughter; and now all that has changed, you became a cancer patient.

cancer diagnosis shockThe nature of any change, especially one as overwhelming and even debilitating as a cancer diagnosis strike fear and terror into our hears. There is so much to consider and so much of it is unknown. Yet you push through it because you can and you must.

Taking Back Control

If you are like many of my clients, you also look for means and ways to regain control over your life. Knowing that in doing so you state your intention to take back your life and thrive for many years to come is empowering. But often I see my clients set themselves up for failure, setting unrealistic expectation about their treatment and how exactly it should go.

Whether we like it or not we are not a machine that operates on some rigid mathematical formula or code, we are humans. And as humans we are vulnerable and yes, imperfect.

Part of what defines us as human-beings is that we are emotional beings, capable of expression. Fear, stress, frustration and helplessness are but a few of these expressions and we should try to feel them and release them rather than holding them in or denying their presence.

To that end I’ve created a new audio recording titled Overcome The Shock of Cancer Diagnosis. Many of my clients find it helpful and you might as well. It’s available in my Shop area if this resonate, but for the time being and from a mind-body perspective, what you need to know is that suppressed and unresolved emotional turmoil, compounded over the years, build an internal pressure. Any illness, including cancer, can be aggravated by this internal pressure. So, what do we do? How can someone maintain his or her quality of life while undergoing treatment or recovering from it?

It is likely that upon receiving your diagnosis you also received information pertained to local resources i.e. access to a Social Worker, a list of support groups etc. Take advantage of these resources! While you may not use all of them or any of them for that matter, simply knowing this is available to you will help you feel more grounded and not alone. Not all medical facilities are alike and not every resource may be right for you but you can learn a great deal from others experience.

Making a Decision

Having said that, I want to focus on what you can do for yourself.

There is no way around cancer; that is, the only way out is in. What I mean by that is you must give yourself time to process the meaning of this new reality. You must take time to consider that challenges ahead and resolve to meet them with courage.

More important than your support system is your decision to see this journey through. This decision will prove invaluable and will provide you the strength you need. And by all means, remember that your so called “human weakness” i.e. your emotions is your source of power. A hero is not someone who is never afraid but rather someone who does what he or she needs to do despite of their fear.

From a practical stand point, there are different means and ways beside your medical treatment to help you and support you in this time of need. Immersive Healing is but one option though it may not be for everyone. If you have a question or simply need someone to help you think through your options; I am happy to do so at

You can also take advantage of my 6 Weeks Online Program titled Cancer Wellness Mastery which will afford you new skills and a way to connect with others in your position.

I look forward to connecting with you and engaging with you for better days.

with joy, Avinoam Lerner

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