emotions and cancer

How to Fight Cancer Emotionally

At first glance, this notion of fighting cancer with emotions may seem way off-target. After all, we fight cancer with medicine and medical treatment. But our body and mind are not separate systems; they are one integrated system.

Think of sensations like pain or pleasure; they have correlating emotional states. In the same way, thoughts like sadness or joy differ in the body.

emotions and cancer

So, what do emotions have to do with fighting cancer? A lot. Surprising as this answer may be, it is Science that indicates so, not some alternative or New Age theory. The Science I refer to is the scientific field of study called PsychoNeuroImmunology or PNI.

PNI investigates the correlation between specific mental and psychological patterns like stress, helplessness, and hopelessness and the functioning of our immune system. This is especially meaningful when fighting cancer because it is ultimately the job of our immune system to eliminate any abnormalities in the blood.

And if recognizing that our body and mind are integrated brings about some difficult emotions like guilt, shame, or self-blame, please note this isn’t the point I’m here to make. I’ve been working with and supporting cancer patients for over 20 years now. Throughout this time, I’ve never met anyone who intentionally made themselves sick or wished to be sick.

Body Mind Connection & Fighting Cancer

The reality is there are numerous biological processes that we’re unaware of, yet they impact our bodies and biology. For example, we’re not in control over our body’s temperature, digestion, or heartbeats or aware of these events. These events are happening beneath the surface of our awareness, and they are governed by the part of our mind we call the subconscious mind.

If you ever had a cut, or held something hot and got a burn, or even if you broke a bone in your body, it was not by a conscious effort that your body has fought infections or healed.

So, what does that have to do with emotions and fighting cancer? Again, a lot.

Fighting Cancer Emotionally

Studies about stress have indicated that 75% of all doctor visits in the US are due to stress-related illnesses. Adding to this, PNI data that showed how stress diminishes the body’s immune response, and we have a clear first step in optimizing our experience and strengthening the functioning of our immune system, curbing our level of stress.

Stress & Immune Function

There are two main reasons why we stress out. First, we perceive a situation to be difficult, dangerous, or painful. The second reason is we do not believe we have the inner resources to cope with that situation.

Both perception and belief are mental faculties and, therefore, within our realm of control.

If we can learn how to mobilize our inner resources and mental faculties like perceptions and beliefs, we will ally with the body and support the medical campaign our medical team is conducting.

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