Cancer Chemotherapy Patients Benefit from Hypnosis and Guided Imagery

If you read any of my previous posts you already know that I fully support traditional medical treatment and care for people with cancer – this goes without saying. Advances in chemotherapy treatments for cancer are proving to be very effective and we know that the science and medicine do save lives. Having said that, chemotherapy is still a poison – a treatment takes its toll on both the body and the mind.
alternative chemotherapy
While there are many different types of chemo treatment, some more modern then others, patients are still experiencing disruptive side effects. But when immersive healing is used as a part of a person’s treatment for cancer, or when patients use an audio program such as the Successful Chemo, it can help to embrace the treatment and lessen the impact of those side effects.

If the mind and body are prepared for and can embrace chemotherapy treatment before it is administered, the outcome of the treatment will be better and more effective in the long term.

The simple truth is that people with cancer need chemotherapy, chemotherapy works; it shrinks cancer tumors and saves lives, however, the cost of chemo when we consider a person’s quality of life is very high. The side effects of chemotherapy treatment range from uncomfortable to debilitating both mentally and physically, anyone who has had chemo or who has witnessed a loved-one go through the treatment knows this to be true.

For some people, these unpleasant side effects may result in them not seeing their full chemotherapy treatment plan through; they may miss their appointments as they feel unable to face the treatment. And if a person does not complete their course of chemotherapy, they may decrease their chances of recovery…

But if there isn’t an alternative to chemotherapy what can a person do to minimize or at least manage the unpleasant side effects of the treatment? Immersive healing, either face to face or online via skype can help you to prepare for chemotherapy mentally, physically and emotionally, enabling you to create a state within your mind and body for the chemo to work its specific form of healing.

hypnosis for chemotherapy, cancer cdIf you are undergoing, or you are about to undergo chemotherapy, it may be helpful for you to schedule a hypnosis session a day or two before each treatment. If this is not possible for you, you can use my cancer self-hypnosis CD before treatment; this can also be listened to while you are waiting for your chemo treatment, helping you to get into an optimum frame of mind for the treatment and helping you to heal as you go through the process of treatment.

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