How Hypnosis for Cancer Benefit Radiation Patients?

In addition to being beneficial for people that are undergoing or about to undergo surgery and chemotherapy, hypnosis is helpful for people that require radiation therapy.cancer alternative treatment

Radiation treatment differs from chemotherapy and surgery. Chemotherapy gets into the body’s blood stream and affects the entire body; radiation is a localized form of treatment effecting a particular organ or group of cells. Surgery is an invasive procedure which requires time to recuperate and heal, radiation is non invasive and therefore require less time to recuperate.

Radiation treatment as I describe in my book The New Cancer Paradigm, while highly effective in treating cancer cells, brings with it a number of unpleasant physiological and emotional side effects that can affect the person being treated on various levels. Physiological side effects of radiation treatment include pain, nausea, hair loss and skin problems to name just a few, which can be difficult enough to cope with on their own.

Combined with these physiological side effects are the emotional side effects that this type of treatment brings on, these can include feelings of sadness, anxiety and anger – all in all a general change to a person’s mood. Just when a person has to face the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis, they also have to face an onslaught of many other unpleasant physical feelings and emotions.

Symptoms and side effects of radiation treatment vary and are unique for each individual; they depend on the dose of radiation given, the area being treated or the severity of the condition. Sometimes these side effects are so unpleasant and overwhelming for the patient they may feel liking giving up their fight – to the point where they may not show up for treatment.

Failing to follow though the recommended regiment decreases a person’s chances for recovery from cancer. It is vital that a person does not give up, that they feel well and strong enough, physically, mentally and emotionally, to see their treatment through.

Hypnosis can help cancer patients undergoing radiation in many different ways. It will help a person to strengthen their will-to-live thus empowering him or her to maintain a positive or fighting state of mind. By conditioning their Mind, it will help their body cope and recover and it will lessen the unpleasant side effects caused by radiation treatment; it helps them to address the psychological distress caused by the treatment and helps to lessen the impact and, therefore, the severity of these side effects. For these reasons, hypnosis is a beneficial form of treatment that can be incorporated into a total program of healing for cancer.

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