Hypnosis for Cancer and Chronic Illness

Hypnosis has long been an ally in the healing of cancer, but not all forms of hypnosis are equally effective. In a nutshell, there are two types of hypnosis protocols practitioners utilize; Direct Suggestion and Regression Therapy.

hypnosis for cancer

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The kind of hypnosis that most people are familiar with is known as Direct Suggestion hypnosis – this is very often used to help people overcome fears and phobias, change certain unproductive behaviors or to give up bad habits such as smoking for example.

Immersive Healing as prescribed in my book The New Cancer Paradigm utilizes a specific hypnotic protocol called Regression-to-Cause. This is an advanced and more demanding protocol. To successfully employ Regression to Cause for illness such as cancer, the facilitator must have extensive experience and insight into the working of the emotional subconscious mind. He or she must be able to facilitate the release of emotions buried long ago and work for the most part intuitively. This perhaps is the reason why very few practitioners in the US offer this service.

Direct Suggestion is mostly effective in the arena of harmful habitual thinking and changing the behavior that follows; Regression-to-Cause is effective in the arena of chronic thinking and distorted perceptions and changing their harmful effect in the body i.e. illness.

Direct Suggestion require little or no active participation from the client, he or she are guided into trance state where their mind and attention are focused. While in this state of mind, the therapist direct positive suggestions and statements to their subconscious mind in order to sow the seeds that will encourage new ways of thinking and feeling and that will lead to the desired outcome for that client.

Regression to Cause requires a great deal of participation from the client. It recalls life events for the purpose of reliving and re-perceiving them. It is like looking at a snapshot from your life as if it was a postcard and then be able to step into the scenery as if back-then is right-now. This level of immersion creates authenticity. Authenticity creates change in real time. Any change made in the Mind will produce a corresponding change within the Body.

The main difference between the two types of hypnosis is that regression to cause hypnosis gives us deeper access to the subconscious mind. It allows us to identify, resolve and heal any harmful mental patterns that may have affected the body’s immune system and can, therefore, help us to revive the body’s immune response. This is particularly helpful for cancer because a strong, healthy immune system means a stronger, healthier defense system.

Because it addresses deep-rooted emotions and identifies their causes, regression to cause hypnosis is what we can describe as the ‘heavy guns’ of hypnosis. Regression to cause hypnosis differs from direct suggestion hypnosis in that it allows us to really get to the bottom of the harmful mental patterns, or as Dr. Deepak Chopra call them The Non Physical Aspects of Illness that produced the illness. Not only does this mean that a person may increase their chances of healing, but also that they may prevent cancer from reoccurring.

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