The Top 4 Reasons for Integrating Hypnotherapy into Your Cancer Treatment Plan – Part 1

Conventional medicine has made great breakthroughs in recent years. These days those with cancer can expect a gentler and less invasive treatment plan. Thank to these breakthroughs, more and more people overcome their cancer and that is the positive bottom line.

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However the fact remains that current cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery take a heavy toll on patients.

Side effects such as pain, nausea and fatigue which are common, can be debilitating and may keep an individual in a state of mind that suggests: “I am not well.” These side effects can prevent a person from feeling like their ‘usual’ self and from going about their every day activities. They can also lead to a sense of feeling distraught and helpless or out of control. Patients experiencing these taxing states of mind are at risk of not taking their medication or even completing their treatment plan.

This is why hypnotherapy is such a powerful tool to incorporate into any conventional cancer treatment plan. Hypnotherapy can help patients address, heal and resolve these states of mind and in doing so give them back control of their healing process.

The practice of hypnotherapy for cancer, the way I practice it as an immunotherapeutic approach to healing, works alongside conventional medical treatment and achieve that goal. And this ties in to my one out of four reasons for integrating hypnotherapy into your cancer treatment plan.

Reason 1 – Enhancing Medical Treatment Efficacy

The onset of cancer or any life-threatening disease is extremely taxing both emotionally and physically. And as we now know, studies have proven that our state of mind has everything to do with our ‘state of health’ – that is an accepted, scientific fact.

We also know that certain emotions such as stress and hopelessness may suppress the body’s natural defense mechanism, known as the immune system, further still.

It is therefore vital that these harmful states of mind are addressed so that the immune system can become strong again and function at an optimal level in order for it to facilitate and enhance the healing process.

This is what hypnosis does. It allows the patient to access the subconscious mind – the part of the mind where stressful emotions reside.

Harmful states of mind such as helplessness can be confronted and ultimately altered during the process of hypnotherapy. As a client is guided by their therapist to visualize their body regaining health their feelings of confidence, optimism and control can be revived and strengthened.

This in turn gives their body the edge when it comes to getting well again, and with the body and mind in an optimum state for healing other medical treatments can work their particular type of healing more efficiently and effectively.

Think of it as a double dose of healing, double the potency if you like; medical treatment and mind medicine, i.e. hypnotherapy, working together hand in hand to help you along the path to regaining your health.

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