A New Approach to Thriving During Treatment

You can now supplement your medical cancer treatment from the comfort of your own home.

The purpose of this service is to help maximize the effectiveness of your treatment, enhance your quality of life and give you the relief you seek when and where you need it.

Support Is Key to Thriving

A cancer diagnosis and the treatment regimen that follows affect every part of our lives. Cancer affects the body, yes, but it also affects the Mind, our will to live, and our quality of life. While our medical team is doing everything to help our body heal, it is just as crucial for us to care for our well-being. Emotions such as fear, helplessness, guilt, and shame can weaken the body’s immune system, inhibit medicine’s efficacy, and diminish our resilience.

Gentle Care for Cancer with Hypnotherapy

This online service is the perfect solution for those who live far away or have limited mobility. It’s the next best thing to working with me one-on-one in my office. This program consists of five one-hour sessions, which take place online. We interact face to face as if you were right here in my office.

Please note: Please note: You must complete the following Intake Form and make payment in full before we can schedule your first session. Click on the New Clients Intake Form to download your copy.

Your privacy is my priority. Any information provided is confidential and complies with HIPAA Privacy Rule.

This online service grant you:

1. Five one-hour private sessions customized to your individual physical and emotional needs.

2. Expert support and guidance based on years of experience.

3. A companion audio program titled The Healing Power of Your Mind – Guided Imagery for Cancer (either CD or MP3 format).

4. Dynamic tools and techniques to relieve stress, override debilitating fear and anticipatory anxiety so you can maintain a high quality of life before, during, and after treatment.

5. Proven strategies to strengthen your resolve to heal and your will to live.

6. Help prepare for and improve the outcome of medical procedures such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, lumbar puncture, bone marrow biopsy, bone marrow transplants, etc.

7. Advance teachings to unlock your healing potential and accelerate your recovery.

As an active client, you get preference in scheduling over new clients. This privilege is available for one year since our initial meeting.