The Top 4 Reasons for Integrating Hypnotherapy into Your Cancer Treatment Plan – Part Four

This is the final part of my Top 4 Reasons for Integrating Hypnotherapy into Your Cancer Treatment Plan

Reason 4 – Healing the root cause of the disease

brookline hypnosis, boston hypnosisWe all accept that if we are ill in any way, even with a lesser illness such as a cold, that something is not physically ‘right’ within the body; there is an imbalance somewhere.

In the case of the common cold a virus has entered the body and as the body tries to defend and rid itself from the virus we experience symptoms such as a high temperature, runny nose and a cough.

From the perspective of a hypnotherapist it is the power of the subconscious mind that governs all bodily functions and this includes your immune function.

A clinical hypnotherapist would tend to look deeper to find the root cause of your condition. It’s no coincidence that we feel down and come up with a cold for example just after periods of intense stress or worry – you may explain it away, thinking to yourself … “well I have been a bit stressed out lately”.

When you have a cold you are almost always forced to stop and rest up a bit. The subconscious mind is telling you to rest, eat well, sleep well and generally take better care of your health. Your body is telling you that you need to look after ‘you’ for a bit, that something in your life is not working for you right now.

The goal of the process I am working with in my practice is to identify and resolve or heal the subconscious stressors or the illness paradigm which weigh heavily on the immune system and suppressing it. As we know in some cases these factors can cause serious disease, even as serious as cancer.

Healing these negative subconscious stressors means igniting or reviving the natural immune response and strengthening a patient’s will to live, which is a very significant aspect in the process of healing.

The therapeutic application of hypnosis (hypnotherapy) can help a patient to experience thought process changes and strengthen their motivation to live. This is turn effects physical changes that will enhance their immune function and maybe alter the course of the disease.

This comes about because hypnosis is the most practical tool for communicating with the subconscious mind, the part of the mind where many of our beliefs are locked away.

During a session, negative thought patterns and beliefs, that are detrimental to our health or no longer serve any useful purpose, can be identified, evaluated, changed or eradicated if so desired.

Your mental processes have a direct influence on your immune system and its’ function. If we can change these negatives to positives then it is entirely possible to bring about physical changes within your body.

By going deeper, by identifying the root cause of your illness we can heal the “ghost of the disease” enabling the body to follow suit.

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