The Top 4 Reasons for Integrating Hypnotherapy into Your Cancer Treatment Plan – Part Three

Continuing onwards let’s take a look at my third top reason for combining hypnotherapy with your regular cancer treatment plan.

Reason 3 – Hypnosis is safe

Boston hypnosisThe therapeutic application of hypnosis (hypnotherapy) is a natural procedure that makes use of already existing resources i.e. your mind. The practice of hypnosis is therefore safe – it is non invasive, drug-less and painless.

In hypnosis we use the mind to heal the body instead of a surgical knife, the beam of radiation or the waves of chemotherapy. We leave that stuff to the medical experts and concentrate on the mind, targeting the root cause of the disease rather than its symptom.

We use the power of thoughts, emotions and imagery to intervene and influence change within the body. The particular hypnotic protocol I work with called ‘regression to cause’ can be seen as an emotional operation but one that leaves no scars and is very safe.

It requires no drugs or anesthesia, there are no side effects, there’s no pain, there’s no recovery time, no fatigue and thus no interruption to your quality of life.

As long as you visit a reputable and qualified hypnotherapist you are in safe hands. With hypnotherapy you remain in control at all times as you are guided into a state of focused attention and a heightened state of belief.

In this state your mind or rather subconscious mind can more readily identify, recall and review or change harmful impressions and conditioning. These are the non physical aspects of the disease; its blue print if you will upon the material structure of the tumor is erected. Change the blue print and you get a whole different structure, a healthy one.

Hypnosis is not mind control; you cannot be forced to be in hypnosis. It is more like allowing yourself to follow, to be guided into this state and be immersed in it. This is similar to the fact you can’t force someone to have fun, they need to allow themselves to be present, let their guard down and enjoy.

Many people with cancer or other chronic illness have made an informed choice to integrate hypnotherapy into their treatment plan because they feel they have nothing to lose and much to gain.

Studies have shown that receiving hypnotherapy alongside cancer treatment can help to reduce symptoms of:

• pain
• nausea and vomiting
• depression
• anxiety
• stress

I have included links to two such studies below:

Article # 1

Article # 2

Furthermore some doctors and dentists now have training in hypnotherapy, thus proving that hypnosis is becoming recognized and accepted by the medical professions for the powerful healing force that it is.

Hypnotherapy is safe, it is proven effective and it may just help you to cope that much better during your own healing process.

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