The Key to Increasing Your Healing Factor When Facing Life Threatening Illness

The success of advancements in modern medicine is indisputable – I have acknowledged this many times before.

However it is fair to say that because of this amazing progress, it is easy to accept that the medical and technological path is the ultimate way towards health and healing. After all medical advancement is one of the greatest success stories of the human brain.

When considering modern medical progress, because it is so amazing, it is easy to fall into the trap of disregarding the fact that our own internal resources can make a difference to our health. And so easy to believe that medical science is all-powerful.

But in truth, what is all-powerful is disease itself, in spite of everything the fact remains that some patients do not survive medical intervention. Patients with the same diagnosis, the same prognosis and the same treatment do not all respond the same way. Some live, sadly some pass away.

This leads us to the mystery of healing and the question – why do some patients recover even though medical treatment can no longer offer them hope?

Certain individuals understood the possibility that the body, mind and emotions are a powerful, unified system and it now seems that some factions of the medical professions are exploring this possibility too.

When it comes to efficient healing we simply have to consider the concept that the body is not some stand-alone system that can be fixed in the same way we would fix a car.

We have to consider that body and mind are an integrated system. That what is occurring in the mind can have a physiological counterpart within the body.

When it comes to chronic and life threatening diseases such as cancer, medical treatment is just one of the essential, integral parts of the healing process. The other essential component for healing must then be the healing of the mind otherwise the treatment is incomplete.

Maybe this factor holds the key to the question as to why some people do not heal. Perhaps recovery is more likely to occur when the ‘whole’ person, body and mind are directed towards full health?

Healing the mind gives back a sense of control to the patient, he or she can become an active participant in the healing process and not just a passive ‘victim’ waiting to be ‘fixed’ or not fixed, as is the case sometimes, by modern medical practices.

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