Mindful Remission Intro Part 1

Hands-On, Personal Support for Small Groups

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed and wish to lessen fear, anxiety, and negativity, or you’re in the thick of treatment and want to strengthen your body’s immune function or seek relief from treatment side effects,  I am confident you can benefit from this program.

The Mindful Remission Program offers hands-on personal service designed to ensure you are supported every step of the way. It is for you if you wish to play a more active role in your recovery and harness the power of your mind to replenish your body in a way that promotes comfort, healing, and quality of life.

Most patients who want more wellness make HUGE mistakes like:

  • They let harmful and painful patterns (fear, helplessness, shame, etc.) be in the driver’s seat.
  • They fail to forge a mindset that can withstand the turmoil of treatment.
  • They do not set clear boundaries with loved ones so they can heal properly.
  • They struggle in isolation and lack proper support.
  • They allow the media, online research, and other dynamics to impact their experience.
  • They improvise their way around treatment.
  • They have unclear or unrealistic goals/expectations to achieve desired outcome and lifestyle.

Instead, you can have a step-by-step proven roadmap to wellness, recovery, and enhanced quality of life!

  • Learn how to forge a bulletproof mindset to override self-sabotage, negativity, and despair, despite the physical/emotional rollercoaster of treatment.
  • Get expert support all from the comfort of your home.
  • Develop the skills, focus, and discipline to successfully cope with the many challenges embedded in your cancer journey.
  • Become more resilient and cultivate a mindset conducive to optimal treatment outcomes.
  • Get personal high-touch and in-depth level of support tailored to your individual needs.