Online Support and Classes for Cancer Patients

In a group discussion held at the end of my recent “Advancing Cancer Recovery” workshop, one topic in particular was on participants mind. It was the sense of isolation many cancer patients feel and the need for more effective ways to break that invisible barrier.

cancer self help classes onlineI found this notion intriguing because, especially in the Boston area, there is no shortage of support groups or communities that cater to cancer care.

It became clear that participants wished to connect with and engage with others like-minded people, who also happened to be with Cancer, outside the hospital environment. Furthermore they wanted more freedom to be who they were before they were diagnoses, and showcase their before-cancer identity/personality.

The discussion, in its creative way, eventually led to an interesting idea. Why not use the tools we already have and use, such as the internet, to form a community, an online community, a community that offer support and education to anyone in need.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and with the help of few participants, I was able to package this wonderful idea into a series of online gatherings. Using current video-chats platforms such as Google-Hangout and Skype, which I already utilize in my own practice, we can meet on a regular basis, and more importantly, we can do so without ever leaving the house.

Now, if you live in a warm weather state, this may not sound like a big deal for you. But if you lived through the last winter in Boston where we had a new snow fall record, believe me, this is a very big deal.

So why am I writing all of this? Well, it’s my kind of shameless and tactless promotion of course J

Humor aside however, I wanted to put this information out there so it can be found and shared with those who can benefit it the most. If you or someone you know is facing cancer and wish to feel and be more proactive, then this kind of engagement may be for you. If you wish to learn tools and skills for self-care and quality of life then this Cancer Self-Help Class is for you. It is especially valuable for those who live far away or are challenged with limited mobility.

So here is a short list of upcoming Cancer Self-Help classes we will hold:

Cancer Class #1. Calm Your Mind, Calm Your Body: Overcoming the shock of cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Class #2. Improving the Odds for Recovery: Coping skills for effective treatment.

Cancer Class #3. Overcoming the Fear of Reoccurrence.

Cancer Class #4. Mobilizing the Mind for Successful Surgery.

Cancer Class #5. Mobilizing the Mind for Successful Chemotherapy.

Cancer Class #6. Mobilizing the Mind   for Immune Enhancement.

Cancer Class #7. Mobilizing the Mind for Successful Radiation.

Cancer Class #8. Overcoming Insomnia

Cancer Class #9. Healing Imagery for a Healthy Body Image

This is just a sample of the classes I will offer this coming weeks and months. If you feel you or someone else might benefit from joining us, please feel free to contact me at

Beyond this series of classes I will convert one of my more popular services i.e. the EFT for Cancer one-on-one sessions into an EFT for Cancer Study Group. If you wish to learn more about EFT and how this wonderful tool can support your wellness click here.

As always, I am interested in what you have to say. If there is a service or course you feel will be helpful to others, please let me know.

With joy,
Avinoam Lerner

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