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Shifting Into Healing Cancer

Cancer – Shifting into Healing

Have you ever heard of people healing themselves from cancer, even in its late stages? If you have, you may be wondering how they managed to achieve this. And more importantly, you may be asking yourself how you can do the same.

Regardless of your diagnosis and whether or not you are currently undergoing treatment, to be able to fully support your body’s healing and recovery, you need to take control of your mind.

What Does it Mean to Shift?

There is a saying that “Consciousness is the one and only reality. Consciousness is the cause, reality, and its expression” In other words, our current state of mind determines our experience.

If our current experience is undesirable and we want to experience a greater state of well-being, we need to make an adjustment to our state of mind, to shift. Think of it this way, healing involves shifting our point of attention, and our perspective.

According to the dictionary, shifting refers to a minor change in position, direction, or tendency. However, when it comes to healing and recovery from cancer, it means shifting one state of mind to another, for instance, from fear into confidence, despair to joy. Once you ‘shift’ the quality of that state of mind or emotions, they can no longer negatively impact your experience and biology.

Change Impact Biology

When we first heard those three powerful words, “You Have Cancer,” in that instant, our whole world came tumbling down. We may not have been aware of this, but these words impacted every aspect of our lives.

For example, our identity changed from being healthy to someone facing cancer, a patient, or a sick person. Our day-to-day routine, career path, family dynamics, and responsibilities have all changed as well.

According to the dictionary, the word change means to replace one thing with another. If you’re like many of my clients, unbeknownst to you, this change caused a shift in your relationship with yourself and your understanding of yourself.

Shifting into Healing

The key to helping our body heal lies in our consciousness. Our experiences are shaped by the stories we tell ourselves, and by changing our beliefs and perceptions, we can change the way we experience things. While things may happen to us, it is up to us to decide their meaning.

If you perceive illness as a form of punishment if you believe it to be difficult and painful, you won’t be wrong but this stance has negative consequences. A negative mental and emotional state (inner state) signals the brain to produce and disperse a certain kind of chemistry into the bloodstream, one akin to stress or fight or flight. This kind of chemistry is not conducive to healing and recovery.

On the other hand, if you perceive illness as a call to action, a call to upgrade your understanding of yourself, your relationship with yourself, and your goal or purpose in life, you signal your brain to produce and disperse a kind of chemistry into your bloodstream akin to vitality and well-being.

A practical way to shift our state of mind is to use our mental faculties and emotions. The secret of feeling is the secret of making the invisible, visible… think about it, it’s how we’ve always done things.

Generally speaking, we will only do what we feel like doing…we will not take action unless we want to, so desire and feelings are prerequisites to everything in our lives… including our health…

Shut Down Your Senses

I said that consciousness is the one and only reality, so here I’m inviting you to close your eyes for a second… and use your mental faculties, in this case imagination to assume the emotion of having attained the thing desired. If you want to be healthy, how would it feel to have the experience of being healthy? How would you feel if you knew with absolute certainty that you are now cancer free, and healthy? That there’s no evidence of illness?

We are only paying attention to that which we are aware of… when was the last time you thought about your spleen? Or your shoulders?

Invest Your Thoughts and Emotions Wisely

We either invest our thoughts or spend our thoughts… we either invest our energy or spend it… and when we’re worried and in fear, we’re spending our thoughts… when we’re shifting into the quality of the desired experience, we’re investing our energy.

Ultimately, the only malleable part of our inner healing equation is our awareness of being, our consciousness.