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How to Get Through the Tough Times of Cancer Treatment

Illness such as cancer presents us with many different challenges; physical, psychological, social and even spiritual challenges. In tough times, how come some people meet these challenges, beat cancer, better than others? The answer to this question might surprise you. When we have a reason to keep on going, when there is a meaning to our experience or a cause that is close to our heart, we can overcome even the most adverse treatment and conditions. This video touch upon some of the key elements to help you get through the tough times of cancer treatment. Life is a balancing act, but we can all develop the skills necessary to navigate through the challenging terrain of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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A Practical Strategy for coping with Fear of Cancer

The notion of a life threatening illness is debilitating. Tough we all have different personalities and coping mechanism, fear seems to color every aspect of our lives with gloom.  Recently a client said she felt that her field of vision narrowed from wide and bright, to narrow and dark when she found out she had cancer. It’s felt like “walking in a corridor with different doors, each door lead to another piece of her life” she said.

Strategy for Facing Cancer

Strategy for Facing Cancer

This client is not alone.  Her vivid description shed light on the common effects of fear and the need for a practical, realistic and effective way to deal with it.

She asked me to share her experience with the hope it will be of use to others as they come face to face with it and so I do.

F.E.A.R stands for False Evidence Appear Real.

See the big picture – Though many of us think of cancer as an incurable disease, this is not necessarily the case anymore. With the advancement of medicine, treatment and technology more and more people these days survive their cancer.

Remember the Truth of Statistics – Statistics are just numbers.  I am not making light of medical data, but at the end of the day we are all unique. We have different DNA, different resilience levels and different belief systems and therefore cope with treatment differently. If we were all alike in every sense, there would be just one treatment or cure for cancer and it would work for everyone every time.

It may be tempting to see yourself as part of this study or that body of data but if you are doing so, you must consider all those who survived and lived much longer than expected or predicted. In light of this view, the fragile nature of this form of evaluation comes to light.

Search for the lesson – Being diagnosed with cancer does not mean you are helpless or hopeless. There are many things you can do take back control of your life, your body and your mind. From a holistic perspective a state of illness is a state where your body serves as a messenger from your inner self, that spiritual part of you that is at the core of your being. This part forever communicates with us and there is always a lesson to be learned. Figuring out what it is we need to hear or learn brings not only peace of mind and comfort but it also permits the body to utilize its healing potential. It dissolve the inhibiting factors which lessen the effectiveness of medicine or the body’s ability to embrace it.

It is worth noting that Immersive Healing which is the practice I could offer this client, may not be right for you. There are different ways to reach the top of the mountain and hypnosis for cancer is not the only one or the only effective one.

How do you cope your fearful moments?  Can you give others some advice?