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Because remaining focused and productive while working from home is a daily balancing act.

Melt Your Stress Away Program

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Online Training for Staff & Employees

avinoam lerner

My name is Avinoam Lerner and I am Boston MA TEDx speaker, author and a practitioner in the field of Integrative Medicine. I come alongside individuals impacted by trauma to help them cope with, and overcome the many challenges embedded in their journey.

Most people who want more wellness make HUGE mistakes like:

  • They fail to recognize their blind-spots.
  • They work in isolation and lack community.
  • They allow the media to impact their experience.
  • They let harmful painful patterns (fear, helplessness, shame, etc.) be in the driver seat.
  • They improvise their way through stressful events without the how-to knowledge.
  • They have unclear or unrealistic goals to achieve desired outcome and lifestyle.

Instead you’ll get a step-by-step strategy for successful living!

I’ll give you the exact tools and techniques you need to calm your mind and calm your body. You’ll leave this program with a road-map and an action-plan for better quality of life which you can immediately put to work.

  • Develop the skills, focus and discipline to successfully cope with the many challenges of social distancing and shelter-in-home.
  • Work in a supportive community of like minded people who face the same challenges as you, all from the comfort of your home.

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