Unintended Addiction

A growing number of cancer patients I had the privilege of supporting during their medical treatment found it challenging to face their new normal. They completed their treatment, yes, but that didn’t mean they were ready to get back to normal living.

We first got together because they wanted to play a greater role in their healing and recovery. Now, for some of them, the challenge was different. It was not getting through treatment and ensuring survival but rather dealing with cancer’s unintended aftermath, addiction.

Addiction? What does addiction have to do with it all?

To be very clear, there is no such thing as “intended addiction”; it’s just a provocative enough combination of words to start a conversation and a thought process.

The point is, no one I’ve ever helped break the cycle of addiction intended for this to happen, and yet, it did.

As more and more cancer patients survive their medical treatment and transition back into “civilian” life, more and more of them struggle with the long-term side effects of treatment. The medication they receive during treatment to minimize the impact of these long-term side effects (fatigue, pain, fear, anxiety, etc.) became something they struggle to let go of.

You’re An Addict.

And then, one day… just like in the case of the boiling frogs who ignored the increasing temperature of the water until it was too late… you wake up and realize you can’t start your day without that pill, without that drug… and in no simple terms, you realize I’m an addict!

Many of you who read these words on my website or other social media outlets know I’ve been practicing on the Cancer front for almost 20 years. That’s my mission, and it’s not going to change, and yet, I feel called upon to broaden the scope of my practice to help address the addiction epidemic. More specifically, it helps people struggling with trauma-based addiction break the cycle of addiction by addressing the non-physical root cause of their suffering, i.e., the mental anguish embedded in addiction which fuels the behavior.

Innovative Addiction Recovery Method.

I’m sharing this with you today because there’s a great deal of suffering embedded in addiction, and many can benefit from an innovative, holistic, and goal-oriented approach to addiction recovery.

If you or someone you know is struggling, please let them know help is available and consultation is free.

You can learn more at ReleaseYourAddiction.com or call 617-564-0707

Avinoam Lerner