My goal in giving this talk was to empower patients to look beyond the realm of genes, biology or the physical tumor for answers. I hoped it will empower them to engage their illness and seek ways to mobilize their inner resources to promote healing and recovery.

This is not to say that doing so will always have the desired outcome, it may not. This is not to say that engaging the mind can in any way substitute proper medical care. It cannot. It is to educate the patient about the role their mind can play in the journey toward health.

We are multidimensional beings. Illness affect more than just our physical body, it affect every aspect of our lives and that is why treatment should include more than just was takes place in your doctors office. Illness must be treated on all fronts, not just the physical body and not just the mind. Patients benefit the most from what is known as an integrative approach combining both medical and non-medical treatment options. And while more and more medical facilities do offer some complementary treatment options such as acupuncture, massage or Qigong, they do not include hypnosis, which unlike the others mentioned primarily focus on the Subconscious Mind. As such they fail to address the whole person, thus increasing the odds for reoccurrence.

Do we really want to leave any stone unturned? Keep in mind that even as I write these lines, cancer kills an estimated number of 1,620 people every day in the US alone. This is more than one person every minute of every day. In fact, by the time you’re done reading this post some 30 more people have been diagnosed with cancer and about 12 have passed away.

My invitation is to the patient who wishes to actively pursue a dynamic path to healing and recovery. My call is to the patient who wishes to participate in his or her own care. You are not alone and you are certainly not helpless. You can enhance the efficacy of your medical care by taking care of you, the person within the physical body.

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