Hospital Visits Turn Scary?

Medical support cancer patients BostonWith COVID-19 turning our lives upside-down, it became harder and scarier for cancer patients in active treatment, to visit the very places meant to heal them. If heading into treatment was not challenging enough before, now, the fear of catching the virus made it the whole ordeal that much more demanding.

As a result, more and more of my clients (and maybe you have felt this way as well) wanted me to help program their mind to a “Teflon” level, where it can easily reject any irrational thoughts and at the same time minimize fear.

Is it possible? well, yes and no. What I mean by that is it depends on your level of exposure to external stimuli such as the media, family, and friends. If you are someone who consumes very little current events, enjoys a supportive home-team that understands how important the role they play, and generally does well managing your focus, yes it’s possible. Having said that, from my own experience this will be the exception and not the rule.

What You Can Do?

Let’s face it, many of us can’t escape the media buzz about the virus or expect our loved ones to constantly filter themselves when we’re around. The world is a different kind of place now and it will take us time to adjust.

So what can we do to ensure we safely get through this moment in time?

The short answer is we guard our focus as if our lives depend on it. It means we very carefully choose what we think about, what we focus upon, what kind of information we allow into our awareness, and just as importantly, we learn simple but practical tools to help us get back on top if we fall.

I’m not suggesting living in denial in any way, but rather exercising a fasting and cleansing approach toward any source limiting or pinching your sense of well-being. After all, it’s just for a little while.

The one tool I would recommend you should learn, which I teach my clients on day one, is known as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It’s a form of “emotional acupuncture” or “mindful acupressure” that involves the stimulation of traditional Chinese acupuncture points. However, instead of using needles, EFT uses a technique of gentle tapping on these points.

Easy to Lear, Easy to Apply.

Give me an hour, and I’ll teach you how to do it properly and effectively. It works 99% of the time and it will become your go-to-method when undesired emotions and thoughts come up.

To help those I work with continue practice from home, I’ve created a series of tutorial videos as well as a printed manual to reference. Having said that, there are various outlets where you can learn how it’s done, albeit with a little bit of a hype.

Wherever you are along the cycle of treatment, please know you don’t have to go at it alone. If this resonates, send me a message so we can explore what might best support you.

Avinoam Lerner.