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What Does a Cancer Coach Do?

What Does a Cancer Coach Do?

In this post, I want to talk about what is a Cancer Coach and what it is not because the very definition of this service relatively new practice or service that depends on the setting in which it is offered.

For example, in a clinical setting, a cancer coach is a person who can help you to set up your medical appointments, sort out your medications, and even speak with your medical provider on your behalf.

In a more holistic sense, a cancer coach can be a person who helps you improve your lifestyle and change your diet or exercise routine, and many patients benefit from making these changes in their lives.

You are all set if these are your goals; these services will certainly do. If you understand that there’s more to illness than just the physical symptoms it displays, that it’s a whole-person event, you need a different type of coaching.

In this case, you need a coach or a coaching program that will focus on YOU, the person within the physical body. You need a coach that will focus on your experiences and mind, i.e., thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs.

Of course, we must treat the physical body, where the crisis is, and that’s what your medical team does. However, the physical body is only one part of the healing equation. To treat the whole person, you must also treat the mind. Failing to do so, we can only expect partial results, partial recovery, and reoccurrence, which is not good enough.

So, what is Cancer Coaching?

Cancer coaching is an innovative service that provides people facing cancer education, support, and practical skills development to help meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

A cancer coach recognizes there is much more to cancer than only what the doctors can see, measure or touch. Therefore, the journey toward healing and recovery must include more than only what happens during visits with your medical doctor.

The kind of coaching I do, offer you practical and effective strategies to break through fear and isolation, strengthen your will to live, improve your quality of life, and help you regain a sense of control over your experience. My work is grounded in the scientific study of Psychoneuroimmunology or PNI.

My goal as your coach is to lead you out of the dark forest of fear and the unknown so you can see the way to a promising healing future, to a place where you can remember this truth: While you may be with the illness, you are not your illness.

Why Hire a Cancer Coach

It’s important to understand you hire a cancer coach not because you don’t know what you need to do and not because you lack the skills to do the necessary work. Like many of my clients, you are probably well-read, well-informed, and capable; that is not it.

You hire a cancer coach because you want someone in your corner who will support you and hold you accountable, helping ensure you do the things you know are good for you to get the desired results. This way, you can get your health and life back on track.

Knowledge is Not Enough

Knowledge is undoubtedly powerful, necessary, and meaningful, but it does not lead to results; only actions lead to results. That is why you want someone like me in your life, to help you take action and hold you accountable so you can get your results. In the context of cancer, this means greater resilience, hope, quality of life, and a state of mind conducive to recovery.

The second point is to hire a cancer coach when you feel overwhelmed or perhaps stuck or helpless. You employ a cancer coach when you feel alone or do not wish to burden loved ones with your fears, frustrations, wants, and aspirations.

Knowledge does not lead to results; only actions lead to results. When Cancer Coaching May Not Be for You

When Cancer Coaching May Not Be for You

Having said that, please consider that cancer coaching may not be for you because it is not for everyone. I am saying that not because of cost or lack of time to implement or do the work you need, nothing like that. It may not be for everyone because not everyone is ready or committed to following through. Hiring a coach for the sake of calming your loved one’s anxiety does not make any sense. You only hire a coach when you are ready to act and turn things around.

If you are ready to act, use the blue button at the bottom of the right-hand corner to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. This consultation aims to give you clarity and offer you a viable action plan so you can thrive.

I am excited about what is possible for you and hope you are too.